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Project Planning Matrix

Definition Project Planning Matrix. Description.

The Project Planning Matrix is a summary of a project design. It identifies the key elements and consequences of a successful completion of a project.

The Project Planning Matrix is a tool typically used in project management to summarize the complexity of a project design. It can be part of the Logical Framework Approach, and is usually drawn after a Strategies Analysis has been performed.

Prior to creating a Project Planning chart, it is advisable to carry out a Stakeholder Analysis, a Problem Tree Analysis and an Objective Tree Analysis.

The Project Planning Matrix, known also as PPM, consists of a one-page framework with condensed information on a number of topics.

Regardless of its precise format (3x4, 3x5, or 4x5 cells), a PPM framework has a Project Overview at the top (Title, Participating Organizations, Project Manager, Project Indicators / Status), followed by a matrix with as vertical elements:

  1. Overall Goals, what should be achieved. Overall aim why project is created, benefits that target groups can expect to gain from the project.
  2. Specific Objectives, sub-goals, more detailed objectives.
  3. Expected Outputs: what the project is expected to achieve. Direct deliverables contributed from a project.
  4. Activities: how the project is going to achieve the desired results.

The main horizontal elements of a PPM are:

  1. Narrative Summary of Goals, Objectives, Outputs and Activities.
  2. Objectively Verifiable Indicators (OVI). Each cell of the narrative summary requires indicators that meet the following 5 criteria:
    • Measurable, quantitatively or qualitatively.
    • Feasible in terms of availability of financial resources, equipment, skills and time.
    • Relevant and accurate.
    • Sensitive to changes.
    • Timely in providing the information.
  3. Means / Source of Verification (MOV), the source of information and the methods used for its collection. The MOV express the realistic measurability degree of an indicator in a reasonable amount of time, money and effort. Important issues that should be specified in the MOV are: format of information (i.e. reports, research findings, publications, etc…), information provider, scheduling of the delivery of information.
  4. Important Assumptions and External Factors.

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Project Planning


Project Planning


Project Planning


Project Planning

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