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Pre-Employment Screening or Employee Background Checks are related to Human Resources Management. These checks are primarily done to verify the accuracy of the information provided by a new potential employee. The information can also help to reduce employee theft, to increase productivity and reduce certain risks. Furthermore, companies which verify their applicants before hiring them face less liability in the event of a workplace accident or crime. The pre-employment checks can include:

  1. Education checks.

  2. Previous employers history.

  3. References and credentials.

  4. Address checks.

  5. Criminal records checks.

  6. Litigation records.

  7. Credit reports or other relevant financial information.

  8. Sex offender registries.

  9. Military records.

and other checks the organization desires. These kind of screenings can also be conducted on existing employees.

The level of employment investigation may vary per industry and from position to position. In the case of hiring top managers, additional testing can and should be performed to avoid potential later problems.

Because of the sensitivity of this process and its outcomes, employment screening is subject to special laws and regulations in many countries.

Pre-Employment Screening Forum
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Resources - Pre-Employment Screening Premium

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Pre-employment Screening


Pre-employment Screening


Pre-employment Screening


Pre-employment Screening

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