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Performance AppraisalDefinition Performance Appraisal. Description.

A Performance Appraisal is a method and a process to identify, observe, measure, evaluate and develop individual employee performance, providing employee feedback, and (indirectly) to improve the effectiveness of the organization as a whole. An appraisal normally consists out of the assessment by a qualified person of the performance and of a discussion of the development and training needs of an employee. It is important to realize there are two sides to any appraisal:

  1. Judgment (Historic). Actual performance is compared against performance targets and feedback (both positive and negative) is given. This may or may not include the determination of a pay increase. Generally, including pay in the Appraisal has the major disadvantages that honest and open communication becomes almost impossible, and the judgment part of the Appraisal becomes too dominant.

  2. Development (Future-oriented). The needs of the employee are evaluated in terms of the training requirement to improve skills and knowledge in line with future performance objectives and the direction the employee wants to grow. Furthermore Employee Objectives (SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic/Relevant, Time-related) are agreed. Compare: Career Management.

Any Performance Appraisal should be:

  1. Documented.

  2. Delivered in a face-to-face meeting.

Performance Appraisal FormAny Appraisal should be well prepared for by both the manager and the employee. Although normally the line manager of the employee is best positioned to be the appraiser, in some organizations it can be a special Personnel Manager. The advantage can be that this specialized person has more experience, special skills and knowledge on doing employee reviews. An issue is that the Personnel Manager must be aware of how the employee is functioning in his work environment. This can be supported by Peer-Appraisals and/or by 360-Degree Feedback.

Steps in a Performance Appraisal. Process

Typically a an appraisal of performance is comprised of three main steps:

  1. Definition of the expected duties and the job standards. By line manager, together with employee.
  2. Conduct of the performance appraisal, comparing the actual performance of the employee with the performance standard that were previously defined.
  3. Feedback and follow-up: line manager provides feedback to the employee and plans are made for future development.

Performance Appraisals Forum
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  Tips for Ensuring Performance Appraisals Hold Up in Court
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  How to Prepare for a Performance Appraisal as Appraiser
It is wise to put yourself in the position of the recipient of the appraisal you are about to give to someone else. How would you receive the information if it was directed at you?
  Performance Appraisals are not Fair
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  The Meanings of Performance Evaluations
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  Methods for Evaluation of Employees
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  Decentralized Performance Appraisals
In my opinion, performance appraisal should be done at the small units (branches), especially in large corporations. In such organizations, employees are often required to perform many extra tasks which do not fall in their primary line of duties.
  Bonuses.. what is Fair to All Within Large Corporations
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  Annual Confidential Report (ACR) Systems
In performance appraisals, employees are evaluated over a certain time and given feedback for future development. I think 360 Degree Feedback is the best to evaluate employees without bias. But feedback should be given to employees in that time.
  Difficulty of Conducting Performance Apprasals in an R&D Organisation
The work of an R&D organisation cannot be defined precisely at the beginning of a year. This poses challenges for mid year and end of year assessments, especially if the work of organisation is on frontier technologies like at NASA. Further th...
  Feedback Should be Like a Mirror: Neutral
As we can see in various documents on feedback, it is often seen in terms of 'good' or 'bad'.
However, feedback is neutral and should be given this way. One can not be upset about the face he/she sees one morning in the mirror, this is t...
  Avoiding Biases in Performance Appraisals
My experience indicates that while an employee is being appraised, there are certain cognitive biases which effect the performance appraisal.
Is there any process or method to remove or decrease the ...
  Appraising the What and the How
In my organisation a semestral (semi-annual) appraisal of performance is held to all employees. We evaluate WHAT they did and did not accomplish.
To do so, we use the semester plan and all indicators are hard. So, no bias there.
But equally...
  From Business Objectives > Department Deliverables > Employee Objectives > Performance Appraisal
Each year, an organization determines business objectives and these objectives are cascaded into set of action items. Each department, based on its role to the organization sets these objectives into deliverables and applies thes...
  Appraise the Past, Develop for the Future
As described in the summary, performance management has a dual role:
1. Feedback on past performance, and achievement of agreed upon goals and measurable performance targets. The appraisal meeting is the conversation between the manager a...

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Best Practices - Performance Appraisals Premium
  Three Types of Performance Appraisals
In employee performance management, performance appraisals are an important method to detect the strengths and weaknesses of employees and improve those through the right trainings and practices.
In fact, we can distinguish 3 types of perform...
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  How to React When You are Undervalued?
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  How to Deal with Average Performers?
Managing Average Performers
They did deliver, if only a mediocre, standard performance. So they can not be dismissed on a non-performance basis.
They are the majority within most organisations.
How to purge some of them out of t...
  Checklist of Common Errors in Performance Appraisals
I was asked to make a list of common mistakes by managers in performance appraisals.
G.T. Milkovich and J.M. Newman report the following ones (Compensation, 2002):
1. Halo Effect: a favorable rating for all job duties based on perfor...

Expert Tips - Performance Appraisals Premium

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Resources - Performance Appraisals Premium

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Multitasking and Ways to Avoid It

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Guide Toward Coaching your Employees

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Introduction to Performance Appraisal of Employees

In this short video some key elements of Performance Appraisal are defined:
1. Objective: to improve performance.
2. Awareness: employees sh...
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Work-Family Conflicts and Work-Life Policies

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Performance Appraisals


Performance Appraisals


Performance Appraisals


Performance Appraisals

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