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Organizational Agility

Definition Organizational Agility. Description.

Organizational Agility is the ability or capacity of an company or organization to quickly and consistently adapt to changes in the external environment, by identifying and capturing business opportunities in a more skillful way than its competitors. While Organizational Absorption tries to deal with these circumstances via defensive mechanisms, the focus of organizational agility is on establishing an adapting, flexible and offensive organization.

Agility is a concept that incorporates the ideas of flexibility, balance, adaptability, and coordination under one umbrella. In a business context, agility typically refers to the ability of an organization to rapidly adapt to market and environmental changes in productive and cost-effective ways.

There are at least 3 forms of agility (Donald Sull in HBR, February 2009):

Organizational Agility Forum
  6 Principles to Create an Adaptive Organization (Reeves)
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  Rapid Response Management
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Best Practices - Organizational Agility Premium
  Leading in Challenging Times: Creating Agile Organizations
This is a challenging time for leaders in charting...

Expert Tips - Organizational Agility Premium

How to Become a Self-tuning Enterprise: Advanced Experimenters

In an HBR article of June 2015, Reeves, Zeng and V...
Usage (application): Organizational Agility, Strategic Agility, Real Options, Emergent Strategy

Effective Top Management Teams in Multinationals. Requirements and Characteristics

There are three requirements for effective top tea...
Usage (application): Board of Directors, Leadership Teams, Multinationals, Top Team Management

Process Steps for Organizational Agility

Organizations that strive for enterprise agility w...
Usage (application): Organizational Agility, Enterprise Agility, Corporate Agility

Components of Learning Agility

One of the critical factors for achieving organiza...
Usage (application): Organizational Agility, Organizational Learning, Knowledge Management

Bureaucratic Organizations versus Dynamic Organizations

Nowadays, many organizations recognize the importa...
Usage (application): Organizational Development, Organizational Agility

Resources - Organizational Agility Premium

Learning Agility and Enterprise Agility

This presentation provides insights into the usage...
Usage (application): Organizational Agility

Organizational Agility and the Role of Information Systems

Presentation about Agility, specifically focusing ...
Usage (application): Organizational Agility

Organizational Agility: 8 Building Blocks

Henriette Rothschild of Hay Group explains eigh...
Usage (application): Agile Organization, Adaptive Organization, Organizational Adaptability, Organizational Flexibility

5 KSFs of a Truly Agile Business

Brief explanation of the 5 key success factors for...
Usage (application): Business Agility, Corporate Agility, Organizational Agility, Firm Agility

Corporate Diversity and Inclusion

In this introduction video, top managers of Skansk...
Usage (application): Cross Functional Team, Organizational Culture, Globalization, Organizational Change, HRM, Cultural Dimensions

How Businesses can Use Information Technology (IT) in Strategic Ways

This presentation looks at Information Technology ...
Usage (application): Strategic Management, Information Technology

Knowledge Management, Organizational Learning and Intellectual Capital

Presentation about organizational knowledge, learn...
Usage (application): Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management, Organizational Learning

Leadership and Learning Agility

Mac van Wielingen and Julian Baring discuss learni...
Usage (application): Agile Organizational Culture, Agile Leadership

Introduction to Network Organizations

Presentation about Network Organizations. The pres...
Usage (application): Organizational Forms, Network Organization, Virtual Organization, Communities of Practice

The Essense of Organizational Agility

Giora Morein defines Organizational Agility as an ...
Usage (application): Organizational Agility, Strategic Agility

Introduction to Business Continuity Management

Organizations have to be prepared to deal immediat...
Usage (application): Understanding of the Need to Have a Business Continuity Plan, Organizational Resilience

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