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Operational Agility

Definition Operational Agility. Description.

Operational Agility is a company's ability or capacity to find and seize opportunities to improve operations and processes, within a focused business model.

Examples of the above opportunities are:

  • Introduction of new products or services,
  • Cost reductions,
  • Quality improvements,
  • Refinements to logistic processes

Specific organizational capabilities to be operationally agile include (Donald Sull in HBR, February 2009):

  • Accurate and detailed real-time market data
  • Focused corporate priorities
  • Clear performance goals
  • Control and reward mechanisms

Besides those mentioned by Donald Sull, additional organizational competences to achieve a high degree of operational agility are:

  • Flexible HR arrangements (flex working, flex benefits)
  • Flexible IT systems, Telecom systems, software development (allowing to make changes relatively easy)
  • Agile project management / change management approaches

Operational Agility Forum
  Advantages and Disadvantages of Flex Working?
Following points among others can be considered as advantages and disadvantages of having flexible working hours:

A1. Employees benefit from more freedom.
A2. Reduction in traffic by avoiding rush hours.
A3. Impr...
  Agile Project and Change Management Approaches
As in any change project, the affected resources need to be prepared so they can adopt the change. This is more difficult in agile projects as the solution/target is initially not defined precisely, and/or only very close to the time it is deployed.<...
  Human Agility (Individual Agility) - Response-ability
The systematic classification by 12manage of agility into strategic, portfolio, organisational & operational is rather good.
My view is that cutting across all levels is the human aspect of agility competency. I would think the following...
  Agile IT / Systems / Software Development
In IT systems, there is a development methodology for agile projects and the goal is to build a system with the minimum elements necessary for building more quickly.
There is also a unified process development methodology that establishes...

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Expert Tips - Operational Agility Premium

How to Become a Self-tuning Enterprise: Advanced Experimenters

In an HBR article of June 2015, Reeves, Zeng and Venjara argue there's a new way to apply algorithmic principles that enables organizations to constan...
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Bureaucratic Organizations versus Dynamic Organizations

Nowadays, many organizations recognize the importance of being dynamic so as to quickly adapt to external changes. However, there still exist lots of ...
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Resources - Operational Agility Premium

Organizational Agility: 8 Building Blocks

Henriette Rothschild of Hay Group explains eight 'building blocks' of agile organizations:
1. Is good ...
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Organizational Agility and the Role of Information Systems

Presentation about Agility, specifically focusing on the role of IT. The presentation includes the following sections:
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The Essense of Organizational Agility

Giora Morein defines Organizational Agility as an organization's leaderships ability to take advantage of changing conditions and to response in a way...
Usage (application): Organizational Agility, Strategic Agility


Operational Agility


Operational Agility


Operational Agility


Operational Agility

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