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Online Corporate Reputation

Definition Online Corporate Reputation. Description.

Online Corporate Reputation is people’s perception of a company and it's brand, based on information available via online media.

Because online media have become more popular over time, companies need to consider how their brand is perceived by online media users. Due to its peculiarities, such as the fast information flow and high level of interactivity, the world wide web surely is the fastest channel to build up or destroy a Corporate Reputation.

Protect Online Corporate Reputation

Companies that have invested considerably in their corporate reputation via traditional media channels (radio, TV, press), may see it undermined by Multitasking Consumers and through blogs, social networks, discussion boards and other websites. For this reason, any company needs to know what are the main topics of discussion that could potentially be harmful or beneficial for its reputation, and where the discussion is taking place.

Online Reputation Strategies

Online media can be both the best allies and the worst enemies of a brand or an organization. In order to build up or maintain a corporate reputation Bigmouthmedia, a global advertising agency, suggested 5 operational strategies that companies should adopt:

  1. Monitor and evaluate online reputation through an attentive screening of the main social media and blogs where discussion about the brand is taking place. Make sure that negative opinions do not overcome feedbacks of positive experiences to avoid what is known as social media disaster.
  2. When the climate on social media is positive, start promoting relationships with Stakeholders through this channel.
  3. Stimulate discussion via creation of posts, discussion groups, and testimonials. Make sure to reach and engage Opinion Leaders and Loyal Customers.
  4. Promote a responsible use of social media throughout the workforce. Any misuse by your own personnel can be dangerous and costly.
  5. Try to convert fan and potential customers through online media, promoting the Brand Identity with videos, insights, online events, games etc…

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