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Objective Analysis Tree

What is an Objective Analysis Tree? Meaning.

Objective Analysis Tree is is a project planning tool that helps to analyze and graphically break down objectives into smaller and more manageable parts.

The Objective Analysis Tree is a tool derived from its parent tool the Problem Analysis Tree. While the Problem Analysis Tree is used for analyzing the current situation or a present problem, the Objective Analysis Tree is utilized to analyze objectives, future situations and goals.

The Objective Analysis Tree basically converts the problematic issues of the Problem Analysis Tree into positive desired results. For instance, if the problem was “poor marketing initiatives”, it can be converted in the Objective Tree into “improve efficiency of marketing initiatives”.

The main Goals of the Objective Analysis Tree are:

  • Establishing a hierarchy of objectives,
  • Graphically displaying means-ends relationships using an appropriate diagram.

Process steps to implement an Objective Analysis Tree are analogous to those of Problem Analysis Tree. Root causes and consequences are renamed into respectively: root solutions / means (what it is needed to reach an objective), and: ends (what will be achieved if the objective is reached).

The Objective Tree diagram can help to show that not all objectives are reachable in a certain time frame, and some are not even reachable till certain conditions are met. The diagram enables to think about choices among feasible objectives, and points out extremely ambitious or unrealistic objectives.

The Objective Analysis Tree helps to identify lots of strategies required to reach a goal. However, it is not aimed at analyzing them, since it isn’t the purpose of this tool. This is instead the object of the Strategy Analysis.

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