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Mirroring and Matching

Definition Mirroring and Matching. Description.

Mirroring and Matching is a persuasive technique based on imitating the interlocutor.

Mirroring and Matching, also known as the Chameleon Technique, is a simple but powerful persuasive technique often used by sales people. Assuming that to persuade someone it is important to establish a relationship or at least an acceptable level of confidence with her, the mirroring and matching technique suggests to behave in a similar way as our interlocutors to persuade easier and quicker. See also: Persuasion Theory.

By mirroring and matching the behaviors of your interlocutors they will feel that the both of you are tuned on the same frequency, you can have a nice conversation without misunderstandings, and you can freely talk about any topic. The purpose of mirroring and matching is to establish a sense of empathy and to create a bond with the interlocutor. Once the bond is somehow created, the second step is to lead the conversation and see if the interlocutor will follow the persuader’s behaviors. If executed effectively it can allow to make someone sign a contract or close an agreement.

Ways to Mirror and Match

The most effective ways to mirroring and matching one or more interlocutors are:

  1. Using the same language or jargon.
  2. Speaking at the same volume.
  3. Using the same facial expressions.
  4. Using the same body language. For example if your interlocutor sits comfortable in his armchair, try to imitate the way he/she is sat.
  5. Laughing when your interlocutors are laughing.

Mirroring and Matching Limitations

This persuasive technique can work only if it is used cleverly and naturally; one should avoid making an interlocutor feel you are imitating her/him. Your interlocutor should really feel you have many similarities.

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