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Definition Lean Production. Description.

Lean Production is a manufacturing performance improvement approach and philosophy that emphasizes the minimization of the amount of all the resources (including time) used in the various activities of the enterprise. It involves identifying and eliminating non-value-adding activities in design, production, supply chain management, and dealing with the customers.

Lean producers employ teams of multi-skilled workers at all levels of the organization and use highly flexible, increasingly automated machines to produce volumes of products in potentially enormous variety. It contains a set of principles and practices to reduce cost through the relentless removal of Waste and through the simplification of all manufacturing and support processes.

Lean Production Forum
  Reasons to Implement Lean. Advantages
There are several reasons of benefits for organizations in becoming Lean. This variety of reasons can be categorized into three major groups: customer satisfaction, strategic value and financial value.
  1. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: the first...
  What is Lean Transformation?
What about lean transformation, members of the management team want to focus more on lean transformation rather than on lean manufacturing. What are your views on this?...
  Lean Thinking Begins with the End Customer and His Needs
The basics of Lean Thinking are still to find in the Womack - Jones book 'Lean Thinking':
1. Value
2. Value stream
3. Flow
4. Pull
5. Continuous Improvement.

Items 2 until 5 are extensively treated and discussed. A l...
  Lean Time and Lead Time
What is lean time? Are lead time and lean time the same or different?...
  Trends in Lean: What's Hot?
Hello. My name is Christoffer and I am working with a paper about Lean. I am looking for interesting / hot topics to take up in the paper and was wondering if somone could inform me about the hottetst topis. Best, Christoffer....
  Lean Implementation in SAP Projects
We want to implement lean in SAP projects, especially in the SAP testing domain. If any one has experience in this space, we can discuss......
  Origin of the Word 'Lean'
The word 'lean' for all these concepts was first used by John Krafcik, a MIT-USA professor and researcher. He worked with James Womack and Daniel Jones who wrote the famous book: "The machine that changed the world"....
  Ownership of Complex Lean Projects
Who should take ownership of lean projects that impact different areas of the value chain?...
  Relation Between Value Chain and Lean?
What is the interrelationship of the Value Chain and Lean?...

Lean Production Special Interest Group

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Best Practices - Lean Production Premium
  Organizations Must Go on a DIET to Become Lean
Lean is focused on the elimination or reduction of waste and the continuous improvement of the overall performance of a company. Acquiring the proficiency to accomplish more with less is the path toward removing insignificant activities from organiza...

Expert Tips - Lean Production Premium

Resources - Lean Production Premium

Summary of Lean Manufacturing and Maintenance. History, Tools, PROs and CONs

Detailed presentation about Lean Production, including the interesting origins of Lean Production in Toyota Motor Company. By Hong, E. Sledge, S. And ...
Usage (application): Operational Excellence, Maximizing Efficiency

The 5 Main Steps of the Lean Manager

For a lean manager, performance and excellence are very important. These 5 steps characterize a lean ma...
Usage (application): Lean Management, Lean Production, Lean Six Sigma, 5S, Root Cause Analysis

Lean Production for a Green Environment

Presentation about lean manufacturing and its relation with sustainable business. The presentation includes the following sections:
1. Introducti...
Usage (application): Lean Production, Lean Manufacturing, Green Manufacturing


Lean Production


Lean Production


Lean Production


Lean Production

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