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Classical finance theory leaves no role for Investor Sentiment. In classic finance theory, (most) investors are rational and diversify to optimize the statistical properties of their portfolios. Competition among them leads to an equilibrium in which prices equal the rationally discounted value of expected cash flows, and in which the cross-section of expected returns depends only on the cross-section of systematic risks.

Contrarian Investing is an investment strategy that seeks out securities, companies, or industries that are currently out of favor with the investing community. Contrarian investors may search out undervalued stocks, turnaround candidates, or cyclical companies nearing the bottom of a trough. Contrarian investors tend to do the opposite of what the majority of investors are doing.

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  Investor Confidence Indicators
What indicators exist to measure investor confidence?
What is the best indicator of investor confidence?...

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Investor Sentiment


Investor Sentiment


Investor Sentiment


Investor Sentiment

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