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Globalization, technologyDefinition Globalization. Description.

Globalization is the broad process of global integration, interconnectedness and interdependence of international business, economic activities, societies and cultures. It includes an increase of international:

  • Trade and competition

  • Production and industrial markets
  • Products and services
  • Migration, labor force movement and job markets
  • Investments and financial markets

  • Technology usage and R&D
  • Legislation and justice
  • Exchange of ideas, information and knowledge

  • Lifestyles and cultures

  • Politics and political structures

types of Globalization. Dimensions

In a 1996 AMR article Taylor, Beecheler and Napiet distinguish 3 globalization dimensions:

  1. Globalization of Production: encouraged by the cost advantages that can be won by establishing an international production network.

  2. Globalization of Products: favored by the significant rise in costs generated through the constant need to present ever-newer products.

  3. Globalization of Markets: access to more and more foreign markets since the fall of international trade barriers, creating new opportunities as well as stiffening competition.

Other major dimensions that can be distinguished are:

  1. Globalization of Services
  2. Globalization of Labor, work, people and talent
  3. Globalization of the Financial System, banking and insurance
  4. Globalization of Information, knowledge

Reasons for globalization. Causes

This increasing world-wide integration of markets for goods, services, labor and capital is caused by developments in:

  • Modern communication technology (TV, Internet, Google, social networks, mobile phones).

  • Transport mechanisms.

  • Freer international capital flows.

  • Changes in economic, cultural, political, social, and legal systems.

Debates on Globalization. Opinions and Conflicts

An important consequence of globalization on businesses is the increased power that multinational organizations have. This in turn has led to an increased call for Corporate Transparency, Corporate Accountability, Corporate Responsibility, Stakeholder Management and Shared Value. A number of paradoxes are relevant:

  1. New Era vs. Business as Usual: Is G. a new global age, or is there really nothing new under the sun and will governments and regions retain distinct strengths?

  2. Autonomous Process vs. Intentional Project: Is G. an unintended process, or is G. a deliberate, ideological project of economic liberalization?

  3. Hard vs. Soft: Is G. caused by the pursuit of material interests or is G. rooted in an expanding consciousness of living together on one planet?

  4. Good vs. Bad: Is G. to be celebrated because of product progress, better democracy, empowering of people, or is G. dangerous because of its consequences for the well-being of various groups, the sovereignty and identity of countries, the disparities among peoples, and the health of the environment?

  5. Global Sameness vs. New Differences: Does G. lead to cultural homogeneity, or will G. lead to new mixtures of cultures and is integration likely to provoke a defense of tradition?

Globalization Forum
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Globalization Special Interest Group

Special Interest Group


Best Practices - Globalization Premium
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Expert Tips - Globalization Premium

Nationalism and Patriotism in Corporate Brand Communication Strategies

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Going Global: Adaptation of Marketing Mix Components

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Three Dimensions in How Global Brands are Evaluated by Consumers

Holt et al. (2004) researched how people evaluate and value global brands. They found out that 3 main characteristics are critical in the evaluation o...
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Three Perspectives on Globalization

In the book “Introducing Globalization: Analysis and Readings”, three different and competing perspectives on the concept of globalization are present...
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Resources - Globalization Premium

Management Across Cultures: Managing in a Global Context

This presentation consist of six sections that together form an extensive description of management across cultures. These six sections are ordered as...
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Doing Business Globally and Respecting Cultural Diversity

Presentation about doing business in a global world and highlights the importance of cultural diversity and global etiquette. It includes the followin...
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How to Build a Global Organizational Capability?

A. How to build a global leadership group in which people can cope with the complexity of working globally?
1. Recruit people for le...
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Summary and Introduction to Globalization

Advantages in technology made the growth of transport and communication possible. Now companies and individuals can exchange products and information ...
Usage (application): Initial Understanding of Globalization, Start of Trainings, Workshops

Debates around the Concept of Globalization

Interesting presentation about the main debates around the concept of globalization, by L. Van Grunsven, G. Van Westen and T. Van Rietbergen. Topics:<...
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Global HRM in a Globalized World

Presentation that introduces the concept of international HRM. The presentation includes he following sections:
1. Introduction
2. Drivers f...
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Why does Greece have so much Debt?

With almost 400 billion dollars in debt, choices around Greece`s future could perhaps create another international recession.
This micro learning...
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Your Organization in a Globalized World

Presentation about organizational behavior in an age of globalization. The presentation includes the following sections:
1. Introduction
2. ...
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Piketty on Global Economical Inequality

In this video, French economist Thomas Piketty explains some key ideas from his best selling book:

Corporate Diversity and Inclusion

In this introduction video, top managers of Skanska share their vision on Diversity and Inclusion and the strategic importance of these concepts for t...
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Lecture by Thomas Piketty on Capital in the Twenty-First Century

In this 20-minute video, French economist Thomas Piketty explains the main idea from his book

Leading a 21st Century Global Organization

William Fung Group, Managing Director of Li & Fung Ltd, recommends to be successful in a global business leaders have to keep several things in mind:<...
Usage (application): Global Leadership, Globalization, Multinational Corporations, MNCs

Michael Porter on Competiveness of a Nation

Harvard Professor and Co-leader of the US Competiveness Project Michael Porter argues competitivess of a region/nation occurs when 1. its businesses c...
Usage (application): Global Competition, Comparative Advantage, Competition Between Nations and Regions

International Human Resource Management

Presentation about HRM in an increasingly globalized environment. The presentation includes the following sections:
1. Agenda
2. Introductio...
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Your Organization Needs to Change its Strategy Implementation Method

Dr. John Kotter explains most clearly how the rate of change of events, technology, globalization, products and markets has gone up almost exponential...
Usage (application): Strategy Execution, Strategic Change, Change Management, Strategy Implementation

6 CEOs on Aspects of Globalization

Six Global Business Leaders each give a short statement on what they think about globalization and what it means to their corporation:
- Klaus Kl...
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