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Employee Development is a system of providing opportunities for employees to reach their full potential through improving their skills, knowledge and other attributes and to become of greater value for the organization. Normally it incorporates new hire orientation, training, Career Management , and Management Development.

Employee Development Forum
  Everybody Counts: 4 Practices for Inclusive Leadership
Organizations that prioritize inclusiveness have shown to outperform those that are not. However, it remains a challenge for leaders/managers to create an inclusive culture. They need curiosity and courage. On top of these 2 character traits, Finkels...
  Employee Career Path Planning
Employee career paths are crucial for today's organization development. How can businesses build individual talents through planning career paths supporting organizational success?
Most large companies build their success through training and de...
  What to do if You're NOT Employable?
I have one problem. I have been out of work for more than five years. How do I still become employable and wow the employer I am trying to impress?...
  Development of Employees is Imperative for Managers
The essence of being a manager rests within the ability and habit to develop employees to become more creative and assertive in the work place. The more employees develop and climb the ladder, the better the manager.
Unfortunately there is quite...
  Team Work and Competitive Environment, Friend or Foe?
How to synergise workforce where members are made to indirectly compete, to ensure that they are not regarded as "marginal average" in the rather "false" ranking which may have specific unfavourable consequence?...

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Best Practices - Employee Development Premium

Expert Tips - Employee Development Premium

Fairness of Managers and Leaders: are Fair Leaders More Effective?

In many studies the relationship between fairness and effective leadership is studied. Managers and leaders are often responsible for decisions direct...
Usage (application): Management, Leadership, HR, Performance Appraisals

Resources - Employee Development Premium

Assess your Personality Type to Plan your Career

This presentation elaborates on how to define your personality and the career that suits best to you. The presentation includes the following sections...
Usage (application): Career Management, Career Planning, Personality Types

The Basics of Managing Employees

Basic presentation about the management of employees. It includes three sections about employee management: Leading, Motivating and Evaluating Employe...
Usage (application): Leading, Motivating, Evaluating Employees

Talent, Career and Succession Management and Management Development

Presentation about talent/career management and development including a lot of schemes which clarify each particular section. The following sections a...
Usage (application): Career Management, Career Planning, Management Development, Talent Management, Succession Planning

Introduction to Employability and International Employability

Presentation that introduces the concept of employability, including the following sections:
1. Increasing Demand for International Employability...
Usage (application): Employability, Skills, Personal Development

Managing Employee Separation (Layoffs) and Employee Retention

Presentation about the retention and separation of employees, including the following sections:
1. Learning Objectives
2. Strategic Employee...
Usage (application): Employee Turnover, Employee Retention, Employee Separation, Discipline, Layoffs, Dismissing, Employee Termination

The High Performance Development Model

Presentation about the High Performance Development Model. The presentation contains a brief description of many employee performance management terms...
Usage (application): Employee Performance Management, Employee Development, Career Management

Practical Communication Tips for Managers

As manager you need to combine professional expertise and experience with specific character traits, interpersonal and communication skills. This vide...
Usage (application): Management Skills, Leadership Skills, Management Development, Leadership Development, Situational Leadership

Contemporary Employment Relations: The Psychological Contract

This presentation explains how the traditional collective model of viewing employee relations (the traditional 'deal') is increasingly being replaced ...
Usage (application): Employee Development, Employee Motivation, Employee Relationship

Career Development

Presentation about Career Development/ Career Management. The presentation includes the following sections:
1. Introduction
2. Definitions o...
Usage (application): Career Management, Career Planning, Management Development, Talent Management

The Employee Commitment Pyramid

Stum (2013) developed the so-called Performance Pyramid. His model is clearly based on Maslow’s H...
Usage (application): Employee Commitment, Employee Motivation

From Traditonal to Advanced Talent Management

In-depth presentation about talent management. The following sections are included:
1. Talent Management and Globalization
1.0 Definition of...
Usage (application): Talent Management, Talent Planning, Talent Acquisition, Talent Retention, Talent Development, Career Planning, Successio

Young Steve Jobs on the Role of Managers

This video is a nice start for any management course. Jobs shares some ideas on managers (in a high-tech environment) and says: "The greatests people ...
Usage (application): Management, Leadership, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Talent Development


Employee Development


Employee Development


Employee Development


Employee Development

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