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Definition Employability. Description.

Employability is the extent to which an employee possesses, uses and presents marketable skills, knowledge and attitudes, which are in demand in the context within he/she seeks work. It's the capability to self-sufficiently establish initial employment, maintain employment (making transitions between jobs and roles within the same organization) and to obtain new employment if required.

The employability concept can be seen as the successor of the job for life concept. Employers can not provide lifetime work guarantees anymore, so they now offer training and Employee Development opportunities to their employees in return for their commitment and effort.

Employers should help key groups of staff to develop both those assets which have explicit, immediate value to the organization as well as those transferable ones which have a wider, longer term currency, thereby engendering a sense of security, encouraging commitment, risk-taking and flexibility among employees.

For the employee the need is to boost those aspects of his/her employability which will most enhance his/her opportunities in the light of his/her circumstances.

Employability Forum
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