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Typical strategic planning process stepsDefinition Deliberate Strategy? Meaning.

Deliberate Strategy (Formal Planning) is the vision towards strategy formation in strategic management in organizations that emphasizes the benefits of acting intentionally. Plan and think before you act. It does not mean that deliberate strategists are completely blind to unexpected developments and events.


It is the opposite of Emergent Strategy.

Benefits of deliberate strategy formulation. Advantages

  1. Direction. Organizations need direction. Without objectives and plans, they are adrift, and employees would not know what to do. See: Leadership Styles

  2. Commitment. Plans allow organizations to mobilize themselves, build capacity and commit to major investments. See: Real Options

  3. Coordination. A well crafted organization-wide strategy allows the organization to act as a whole and make coordinated decisive moves. See: Organizational Configurations

  4. Optimization. Good plans enable optimal resource allocation and allow the allocation of scarce resources to the most promising business units. See: BCG Matrix

  5. Programming. Strategic planning enables organizations to run like a computer, precise, reliable, without mistakes and efficient. See: Business Intelligence

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Strategic Planning versus Strategic Thinking (Mintzberg)

Strategic Planning, Strategic Thinking, Emergent Strategy, Deliberate Strategy
According to Mintzberg (1994) many people wrongly consider Strategic Planning (SP) to be a synonym for Strategic Thinkin (...)
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Deliberate versus Emergent Strategies

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Strategic Drift

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7 Steps for Creating a Strategic Business Plan

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Emergent Strategy versus Planned Strategy

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Basic explanation of the key difference between planned (deliverate) strategy and emergent strategy. (...)

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