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Covert Leadership is a term invented by Henry Mintzberg ('98) to describe how modern leaders may lead without seeming to. They don't seek absolute control over others; rather, through many unobtrusive actions, they inspire others to perform and use their talents.

Mintzberg compares leaders with a symphony orchestra conductor. Covert leadership means managing with a sense of nuances, constraints, and limitations. When a manager like a symphony orchestra conductor guides an organization, he leads without seeming to, without his people being fully aware of all that he is doing. That's because in this world of professionals, a leader is not completely powerless--but neither does he have absolute control over others. As knowledge work grows in importance, the way an orchestra conductor really operates may serve as a good model for managers in a wide range of businesses. Like other professionals, the musicians don't need to be empowered--they're already secure in what they know and can do--but they do need to be infused with energy for the tasks at hand. This is the role of the covert leader: to act quietly and unobtrusively in order to exact not obedience but inspired performance.

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