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Definition Consumerization? Meaning.

Consumerization: IPhone

Consumerization (C) is is a vision of contemporary life that is fully dominated by the market. The concept of C can have two (related) meanings: one in social science and one in technology.

Consumerization in Social Science


The consumerization concept in social science was born with the expansion and strengthening of multinational corporations at worldwide level. It has been developed after an increased fear that culture is becoming mono-dimensional: the consumer culture. We are living in a world fully controlled by the marketplace.

Recent comments about this topic from authoritative ideologists describe consumption in the modern culture as a substitute for religion, where the cathedrals of today are shopping malls. Powerful businesses are able to sponsor art, build up a business case on it, and educate, being thus able to decide how and what to teach according to their needs.

An important contribution in this field comes from Herbert J. Schiller. In his 1989 book “Culture Inc.: The Corporate Takeover of Public Expression”. Schiller argues that the corporate voice is the loudest, and most widespread around the globe.

In his opinion, a big support to the expansion of C process came from the quick IT development on a global scale.

Moreover, there is evidence that no matter what types of people are being considered, when a pervasive disinformational system takes over through all channels and cultural forms there are no defensive positions to be taken.

The work of Schiller has been continued and supported by the French philosopher Jean Baudrillard with his 1998 book “The Consumer Society: Myths and Structures”.

Consumerization in Technology

C in technology ("IT Consumerization") has been referred as to the process of bringing technological products and services to the consumer prior to offering them in the business-to-business market. These could be:

  • Devices, such as smartphones, tablets (or even laptops). A related term for this phenomenon is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device): A policy that allows employees, clients, business partners, and other users to use a personally selected and purchased (consumerized) client device to execute enterprise applications and access data.

  • Telecommunication facilities and services, such as wireless networking.

  • Applications, such as messaging, social networking, blogs, video sharing and games.

This approach is explored by innovative companies who believe that consumers are nowadays in a strong position when compared to their work environment.

As technology firms increasingly design products and services for consumers, IT managers are left with many challenges in how to allow the employees to use these products safely in a variety of organizational workflows and processes.

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