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Definition Career Management. Description.

Career Management can be described as the active and repetitive process of:

  • Career Assessment of the aspirations and competences of employees,

  • Career Planning of their career,

  • Career Guidance of their personal development,

in line with the opportunities in and needs of the organization. Career Management is also possible beyond the boundaries of the current organization and at a personal level (See: Employability). Some form of it is important to avoid that existing skills and competences become obsolete and to ensure that new skills and competences will be available in a world of changing circumstances, technologies, mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations.

Amongst the spectrum of activities, methods and techniques that are often used are: training, Coaching, Mentoring, Performance Appraisals, Self-Appraisals, Peer-Appraisals, Behavioral Observation Scales, Competency Assessments, and 360-Degree Feedback.

Career management allows the organization to identify talented employees and to place them in jobs where their skills can be used or further developed effectively. It can be a foundation for Management Succession Planning.

Career Management Forum
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Best Practices - Career Management Premium

Expert Tips - Career Management Premium

Career Development Approach for Successful Knowledge Management

People play an important role in Knowledge Management (KM). We all know that. Indeed, the success of KM basically depends on the skills, knowledge and...
Usage (application): Knowledge Management, Career Management, Talent Management, Employee Induction, Human Resource Development

Fairness of Managers and Leaders: are Fair Leaders More Effective?

In many studies the relationship between fairness and effective leadership is studied. Managers and leaders are often responsible for decisions direct...
Usage (application): Management, Leadership, HR, Performance Appraisals

Resources - Career Management Premium

5 Ways to Develop your Leadership Skills

Obviously we all know that the best way to continuously develop your leadership skills is through 12manage ☺. Learn 5 more ways to become a bett...
Usage (application): Career Management, Career Planning, Management Development, Talent Management, Succession Planning

How to Give Successful Feedback to Employees

This presentation can be used as a guidance for giving feedback to your employees. The presentation includes the following sections:
1. Introduct...
Usage (application): Giving Feedback, Conducting a Performance Review, Performance Appraisal

Assess your Personality Type to Plan your Career

This presentation elaborates on how to define your personality and the career that suits best to you. The presentation includes the following sections...
Usage (application): Career Management, Career Planning, Personality Types

Learning Agility and Enterprise Agility

This presentation provides insights into the usage of organizational agility in your organization. The presentation includes the following sections: Usage (application): Organizational Agility

Mintzberg: 7 Myths on Management

In this interesting interview Prof. Henry Mintzberg refutes 7 myths on leadership and management:
  1. ORCHESTRA CONDUCTOR: One myth about man...
    Usage (application): Management Development, Leadership Development, Managers versus Leaders, MBA

Introduction to Employability and International Employability

Presentation that introduces the concept of employability, including the following sections:
1. Increasing Demand for International Employability...
Usage (application): Employability, Skills, Personal Development

The High Performance Development Model

Presentation about the High Performance Development Model. The presentation contains a brief description of many employee performance management terms...
Usage (application): Employee Performance Management, Employee Development, Career Management

Practical Communication Tips for Managers

As manager you need to combine professional expertise and experience with specific character traits, interpersonal and communication skills. This vide...
Usage (application): Management Skills, Leadership Skills, Management Development, Leadership Development, Situational Leadership

Contemporary Employment Relations: The Psychological Contract

This presentation explains how the traditional collective model of viewing employee relations (the traditional 'deal') is increasingly being replaced ...
Usage (application): Employee Development, Employee Motivation, Employee Relationship

From Traditonal to Advanced Talent Management

In-depth presentation about talent management. The following sections are included:
1. Talent Management and Globalization
1.0 Definition of...
Usage (application): Talent Management, Talent Planning, Talent Acquisition, Talent Retention, Talent Development, Career Planning, Successio

Talent, Career and Succession Management and Management Development

Presentation about talent/career management and development including a lot of schemes which clarify each particular section. The following sections a...
Usage (application): Career Management, Career Planning, Management Development, Talent Management, Succession Planning

International Business Career Management

Presentation about career management when going international. The presentation includes the following sections:
1. Chapter objectives
2. In...
Usage (application): Career Management, Career Planning, Management Development, Talent Management, Expatriate

Career Development

Presentation about Career Development/ Career Management. The presentation includes the following sections:
1. Introduction
2. Definitions o...
Usage (application): Career Management, Career Planning, Management Development, Talent Management

Emotional Intelligence: Job Performance and Career Success

Presentation about Emotional Intelligence includes the following sections:
1. Background
1.1 Old versus New Career Paradigms
1.2 Leader...
Usage (application): Emotional Intelligence, Management Development, Career Management, Career Assessments


Career Management


Career Management


Career Management


Career Management

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