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What is Attrition? Meaning.

Attrition is a Human Resources Management term that describes the rate at which a workforce is gradually reduced due to employees leaving a firm through normal means such as retirement, resignation and death. Contrary to forced labor reductions (firing, mass layoffs).

To avoid employee disengagement, companies typically use a number of mechanisms:

It can be also used to indicate the action of not filling openings created by voluntary resignation and normal retirements.

Employee Turnover

Two difference between employee attrition and employee turnover are that, with the latter, the company usually must fill the vacancy. And while turnover can be caused by similar reasons as attrition, turnover is usually viewed negatively. It can be voluntary (i.e. the employee resigns to find a better job) or involuntary (i.e. the employee is terminated as a part of managing poor performance).

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