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The AIDA ModelDefinition AIDA and AIDAS. Description.

AIDA is an acronym used in marketing for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. It is a traditional paradigm of the way advertising works on a consumer. It is a common list of steps that are often taken by a person selling a product or service.

  • A - Attention. To attract the attention of the customer.

  • I - Interest. To get the customer interested by demonstrating its features, advantages, and benefits.

  • D - Desire. Convincing customers of the product's advantage and its ability to satisfy specific needs.

  • A - Action. To push customers toward actually purchasing the product.

Some marketers have added another letter to the acronym and call it AIDAS:

  • S - Satisfaction. To get the customer satisfied so that they could be a repeat customer and so they could give word-of-mouth to the particular product.

An interesting more towards relationship marketing oriented variant is the AEIOU acronym by Sanjay Anand (2004):

  • Attention: Attract attention of potential customer (prospect). Differentiate your message with something that catches the prospect’s attention.

  • Excitement: Get prospect excited about your ad messages. The message must be exciting for a prospect to want to read, watch or listen.

  • Interest: Get prospect interested in your products/services. Appeal to your prospects needs and wants to get him/her interested in the wares.

  • Order: Get prospect to order something/anything (free/paid). Get qualified prospects to order at least something. This could be free and/or paid.

  • Use: Teach or remind prospect to use the products/services. Both before as well as after the sale, provide details on how best to use your wares.
    This last step reduces unwanted surprises and also helps build an ongoing client relationship.

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Resources - AIDA AIDAS Premium

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Aida Aidas


Aida Aidas


Aida Aidas


Aida Aidas

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