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What are the 5 C's of Marketing Strategy? Meaning.

The 5 C's of Marketing Strategy provides a quick checklist on some important things to consider when crafting a marketing strategy:

  1. Customer Needs. What needs from which clients do we seek to satisfy? Compare: Customer Satisfaction Model

  2. Company Skills. What special competences do we possess to meet those needs? Compare: Core Competence  |  SWOT Analysis

  3. Competition. Who competes with us in meeting those needs? Compare: Competitive Advantage

  4. Collaborators. Who should we enlist to help us and how do we motivate them? Compare: Strategic Alliance

  5. Context. What cultural, technological and legal factors limit what is possible?  Compare: PEST Analysis

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Attack Marketing Strategies
Although the name sounds somewhat unsympathetic, attack strategies in marketing are necessary. As soon as you enter some market, you are bound to face competition from all sides. You can be a market l...
Marketing Innovation: Innovative Marketing Approaches
Business dynamics change quickly due to technological advances. Conventional marketing techniques, tactics and strategies may become less effective. Therefore business marketers must embrace these cha...
Strategy of 5C's and Relationship Marketing
This strategy of 5C's is one of the most important concepts of relationship marketing. When I started to apply this concept in the process of relationship marketing campaigns and customer loyalty, the...
Must Haves of a Winning Marketing Strategy
Strategies should be tested. All marketers deep dive, analyze and brainstorm to develop and define their core strategies. Still we mostly see only a few brands do extremely well, while others struggle...
6 C's of Digital Marketing Strategy
While framing the digital Marketing Strategy, ensure all of the following 6 C's are given appropriate attention: CONTENT: Content is king. It is the fuel that powers the digital world. Having grea...
🔥 NEW 6th C for the 5 Cs of Marketing Strategy
In my opinion, there is one more "C" missing, which is extremely important: Customer Budget. If your customer has not approved a consistent budget for their needs, there's no marketing that will ever...

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🥇 5 C's in Developing Countries: Add Corruption as 6th C?
In terms of relationship marketing, the 5 Cs come in very handy. It has been used and implemented in various successful businesses all across the world. However when we take account of developing eco...

🥈 5 C's of Customer Creation Dovetails with 5 C's of Marketing Strategy
We define the 5 C's of Customer Creation as: Consciousness, Curiosity, Contemplation, Contract, Contentment. This model helps marketers to construct various sales and promotion activities matched to ...

🥉 The 4 C's of Customer Relationship Management versus the 5C's of Marketing
Is there a relationship with 4 c's of customer relationship management to 5c's of marketing?...

Why Competitive Pricing? Reasons for Competitive Pricing
The goal of every company, whether a conglomerate or a start up is to "kill competition". That is if they are in it for the profits. Competitive pricing is one key way of achieving this....

6 C's of Situation Analysis for your Marketing / Branding Strategy
Understanding both the current and future environment is critical because the customer's value will change over time, underlying trends will affect the size and value of markets, changing social, poli...

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Introduction to Customer/Consumer Satisfaction

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Presentation that gives an introduction into Competitive Intelligence: definition, its usage, its process and best pract...

Interview Philip Kotler About Ethical and Societal Aspects of Marketing

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Philip Kottler comments on Peter Drucker's and his own views on the role and purpose of marketing in business and manage...

The Importance of a Long Term Focus on the Customer

Interview Ohmae on the Need for a Long-term Customer Focus
Ohmae explains the importance of the fundamental belief that all actions of a company need to be good for all concerned,...

Speech of Trout on the Importance of Marketing

Trout on the Value of Marketing, Background of Trout
Jack Trout refers to Druckerís advice: "Because the purpose of a business is to create a customer, the business enterpri...

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