Can ‘Social Intelligence’ Help You Predict Someone’s Future?

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Can ‘Social Intelligence’ Help You Predict Someone’s Future?
Dr. Sandeep Atre , Lecturer, India

So… through social intelligence – which is about observing nonverbal behavior and understanding emotions – you can learn to differentiate between genuine and fake smile, and then can have a pretty scientific estimation of someone’s emotional disposition, and even the chances of marital success….

Can ‘Social intelligence’ help you predict someone’s future? Well! Though not in the ‘tarot-card or astrology’ sense, the fact is that… It CAN!
Let me explain…
You will be surprised to know that just by looking at someone’s photograph in the school yearbook or college brochure, one can predict the person’s future married-life or chances of divorce.
Yes! Researchers* have consistently found a strong correlation between the ‘genuineness and intensity’ of SMILES in those photographs and people’s eventual success in their married-life.
Well! To state clearly, it all boils down to two facial muscles. And if in a smile, both the muscles are involved then this vouches for its ‘genuineness and intensity’.
The first muscle pulls away the lips and creates the stretch on the face. And second raises the cheeks, creates the small cringes around nose and eyes (crow-feet). And if a smile only involves the first muscle and not the second one, its ‘genuineness and intensity’ is questionable.
And those people whose smiles (even in photographs) lack ‘genuineness and intensity’ have much higher rate of marital problems and divorces.
On the other hand, people with genuine smiles are more open to social connections, are more capable of handling sporadic negative emotions, are more likely to seek out partners who are higher in positive emotionality themselves, are more prone to show readiness to reach out to their partner, and are expected to evoke more positive circumstances in life. And all these qualities are important to create an emotional contagion required to have a successful long-term relationship.
And yes! For your own relationship, choose someone whose smile reaches his/her eyes…:).

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