Unified Motivation Theory

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Unified Motivation Theory
Maurice Hogarth , Consultant, United Kingdom

Motivation is to do with a sense of self worth.

Integrating the various models for motivation into a 'unified motivation theory' appeals to me and I have worked on this along very similar lines.
However, consider: "Motivation" = 'motive' (reason) + 'ation' (from the Latin for 'action') -- So, "motivation" is to do with having a reason to take an action. A personal / internal / intrinsic reason. Not someone else's reason. Not the bribe-'incentive' or the coercion-'threat' per se but what is the person's own 'reason' for the obtaining of or the avoidance of or the suffering of..., in relation to their sense of their self-worth?
The 'classic' theories of motivation seem, to me, to relate to descriptions of consequent behaviours or to thinking process rather than to 'motivation' per se rather than to <'my> reason for taking that action rather than another'. My reason: because of the options that I had I took that action for that reason -- because it is what felt best to me.
E.g. People struggle to survive, seek companionship, do their own thing because, as the advert says and they believe, "I'm worth it." Or they don't because their sense of self worth says "I'm not worth it."

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