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Analyse activities through which firms can create value. Explanation of the Value Chain Framework of Michael Porter. ('85)


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The Value Chain (VC) framework of Michael Porter is a model that helps to analyze specific activities through which firms can create value and competitive advantage.

The activities of the VC

  • Value Chain framework modelPrimary activities (line functions)
    • Inbound Logistics. Includes receiving, storing, inventory control, transportation planning.
    • Operations. Includes machining, packaging, assembly, equipment maintenance, testing and all other value-creating activities that transform the inputs into the final product.
    • Outbound Logistics. The activities required to get the finished product at the customers: warehousing, order fulfillment, transportation, distribution management.
    • Marketing and Sales. The activities associated with getting buyers to purchase the product, including: channel selection, advertising, promotion, selling, pricing, retail management, etc.
    • Service. The activities that maintain and enhance the product's value, including: customer support, repair services, installation, training, spare parts management, upgrading, etc.
  • Support activities (Staff functions, overhead)
    • Procurement. Procurement of raw materials, servicing, spare parts, buildings, machines, etc.
    • Technology Development. Includes technology development to support the VC activities. Such as: Research and Development, Process automation, design, redesign.
    • Human Resource Management. The activities associated with recruiting, development (education), retention and compensation of employees and managers.
    • Firm Infrastructure. Includes general management, planning management, legal, finance, accounting, public affairs, quality management, etc.

Creating a cost advantage based on the VC

A firm may create a cost advantage:

  • by reducing the cost of individual VC activities, or
  • by reconfiguring the VC.

Note that a cost advantage can be created by reducing the costs of the primary activities, but also by reducing the costs of the support activities. Recently there have been many companies that achieved a cost advantage by the clever use of Information Technology.

Once the VC has been defined, a cost analysis can be performed by assigning costs to the VC activities. Porter identified 10 cost drivers related to value chain activities:

  1. Economies of scale.
  2. Learning.
  3. Capacity utilization.
  4. Linkages among activities.
  5. Interrelationships among business units.
  6. Degree of vertical integration.
  7. Timing of market entry.
  8. Firm's policy of cost or differentiation.
  9. Geographic location.
  10. Institutional factors (regulation, union activity, taxes, etc.).

A firm develops a cost advantage by controlling these drivers better than its competitors do. A cost advantage also can be pursued by "Reconfiguring" the VC. "Reconfiguration" means structural changes such as: a new production process, new distribution channels, or a different sales approach.

Normally, the VC of a company is connected to other Value Chains and is part of a larger VC. Developing a competitive advantage also depends on how efficiently you can analyze and manage the entire VC. This idea is called: Supply Chain Management. Some people argue that network is actually a better word to describe the physical form of Value Chains: Value Networks.

Book: Michael E. Porter - Competitive Advantage -

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Procurement in the Value Chain Approach

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Value Chain Analysis in Textile Industry

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Comparing Value Chain and 7S Model

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Value Chain for Services Industry

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Value Chain in Research and Technology

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Order Management in Porters Value Chain?

How do I segregate and fit in order management (not order fulfillment ) in Porters list of primary processes? Does it belong in marketing and sales?...

Value Chain and Competitive Advantage Report

I know that a report on value chain and competitive advantage of the Public Sector in Lebanon was performed in 1999 upon request of the Prime Minister Salim El Hoss. Where can i find this report? Thank you in advance....

Is Value Chain Analyse Only A Tool??

We study the value chain framework in the marketing plan as a situation analyzing tool. Some say that this can be used as a strategic tool. If we use primary activities of this to enhance the competitive advantages it is very similar to using integra...

Role of Information Systems in Value Chain

How does Porter's value chain model help a business to use information systems for competitive advantage?...

Value Chain Narrow Minded

Porters value chain is very good at explaining how a product adds value throughout the whole process starting from procurement and ending with reaching the end user. Supporting activities also add value to the product, though indirectly. Value chain ...

Value Chain vs. Credit Crunch

In spite of today’s credit crunch crisis, the Value Chain model in my experience proved to be one of the most valuable tool, if not THE most valuable, to remedy the economical downturn.
The major benefits of developing a realistic and sound Valu...

Value Chain Analysis is practical

Even after all these years I find the Value Chain model of Porter still one of the better, practical tools to analyse a process, its costs and its added value(s). Obviously the standard model has to be adapted for a given industry, for a given compan...

Value Chains and Industries

Interestingly, different industries often emphasize different activities in the value chain. For example, retailers traditionally focus on inbound and outbound logistics and procurement, while manufacturing companies might focus on oper...

How to apply the value chain? Activities and Linkages

The value chain has two types of activities which are the primary activities and the support activities. I can remember all the elements in these two activities. However I have difficulty in applying them. Are there any linkages between...
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Value Chain Framework


Value Chain Porter


Value Chain Framework


Value Chain Porter


Value Chain Framework


Value Chain Porter


Value Chain Framework


Value Chain Porter

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