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Creating a successful management team. Explanation of PAEI model of Adizes.


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What is PAEI? Description

The PAEI model (by Adizes) describes the four key roles which make up a successful management team:

  • Producer
  • Administrator
  • Entrepreneur
  • Integrator

It is an acronym for a method to evaluate the contribution and areas of strength of each member of a team. The thought behind the PAEI framework is that no individual manager can meet all the demands of a corporation. An organization must bring together a team of managers to deal with today's complexity. PAEI learns that is not necessary to have a one on one relation between a role and a person: as a result a management team can consist of more or less individuals than four.

The importance of each role, both absolutely and relative, is determined in PAEI model by situational factors, such as:

  • Organization type,
  • Size of the organization,
  • External environment of the organization,
  • Stage of development of the organization.

Usage of PAEI

The PAEI framework model can be used to bring the right mix of people together, in order to maximize value creation, and also to explain people the importance of each others different roles and styles.

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  Advantages of PAEI Model? Benefits
It is a useful team formation tool in handling operational issues where teams can be formed and execute those actions that need immediate attention and those that need time.
Using PAEI would minimise repeated issues and achieve better ...
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Paei Roles


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Paei Roles


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Paei Roles


Paei Team

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