Force Field Analysis



変更を分析して考慮する: 原動力および抑制力。 Force Field Analysisおよび図表の説明。 Kurt Lewin。


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Kurt Lewin

Kurt Lewinはアメリカの社会的な心理学者だった。 彼は科学のグループ原動力および行為研究に貢献し、1人現代心理学の創設者の見なされる。 しかしLewinは多分成長のForce Field Analysisおよび力分野の図表のために最も最もよく知られている。

Force Field Analysisの図表Lewin組織のLewinの意見

Kurt Lewinに従って、問題は力の2組の反対セットの相互作用によって均衡して握られる。 変更を促進するように努めるそれら: 原動力。 そして現状を維持するように試みるそれら: 抑制力。 Lewinは現状が静的なパターンでなかったシステムとして組織を見た。 しかし反対の方向で働く力の動的バランス(「Equilibrium」)。 従って起こるあらゆる変更のために原動力は抑制力を超過しなければなり平衡を移す。 比較しなさい: Catastrophe Theory

Force Field Diagram

Force Field Diagramは力運転したりそして抑制の変更というこの考えで造られるモデルである。 これらの力は下記のものを含んでいる: 人、習慣、習慣および態度。 Force Field Diagramはあらゆるレベルで使用することができる: の、ネットワーク組織個人的、プロジェクト好意でそして変更の率先に対して働くかもしれない力を視覚化するため。 図表はユーザーがある特定の問題のまわりで力間の「戦争」を描くのを助ける。 通常、計画された変更問題は上で記述されている。 これの下に、2つのコラムがある。 原動力は右のコラムの左のコラムおよび抑制力にリストされている。 矢は中間の方に引かれる。 より長い矢は強い力を示す。 考えはある特定の問題で理解し、明確、機能するすべての力作ることである。

Force Field Analysis方法の使用

  • 問題にかかわる勢力の均衡を調査しなさい。
  • 最も重要なプレーヤー (stakeholders)および問題のキャンペーンのためのターゲットグループを識別しなさい。
  • 反対者および同盟国を識別しなさい。
  • 各ターゲットグループにいかに影響を及ぼすことができるか識別しなさい

Force Field Analysisのステップか。 プロセス

  1. 現状を記述しなさい。
  2. 望ましい状態を記述しなさい。
  3. 処置がとられなかったら現状がどこに行くか識別しなさい。
  4. 望ましい状態の方に変更を運転するすべての力をリストしなさい。
  5. 望ましい状態の方に変更に抵抗するすべての力をリストしなさい。
  6. すべての力を論議し、質問しなさい: それらは有効であるか。 それらは変えることができるか。 重大な物はどれであるか。
  7. 数字目盛例えば1を使用してeach of力にスコアをある非常に弱いが割り当てれば10は非常に強い。
  8. 力を図表にしなさい。 左の原動力をリストしなさい。 そして抑制力右側のをリストしなさい。
  9. 変更が実行可能であり、進歩が行われることができるかどうか定めなさい。
  10. 原動力かかの強さを高めること抑制力の強さを減らすことまたは変更がによっていかに影響されることができるか論議しなさい。
  11. それ原動力を高めるか、または抑制力を減らすことが高めるか、または他の力を減らすまた更に新しいものを創造するかもしれないことを覚えなさい。

Force Field Analysis フォーラム
  Three Strategic Frameworks (Mulcaster)
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1. OPPOSING FORCES APPROACH: This is an approach in which the advantages and disa...
  The Human Factor in Force Field Analysis
The FFA is a great tool in analysing change. In a practical sense, the human factor is the most controversial force in either driving change or restraining change.
We are talking about apathy, ignorance, power, self interests, and antagonism amo...
  Using Force Field Analysis for Gender Analysis
Force field analysis is an appropriate tool for gender analysis to identify the deprived class womens short comings, and to show direction how to reduce restraining forces and increase driving forces for more effective gender relationships....
  Force Field Analysis Helps to Consider Barriers Before Embarking Change
Change is hard. Force field analysis helps to summarize the barriers. Thus, all phases must be understood before embarking organisational change. The aspects of the future state need to be considered before moving towards the transition. The need ...
  Dynamism is the Interface to Change Issues
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  Identifying Change Drivers
This is my first communication on this amazing site.
Could anyone suggest a suitable framework/theory to identify the drivers of change that actually caused that change? I have applied a force field analysis, which has rendered a good result. I ...
  Where does Power Come From?
What is the origin of power forces?...
  Unfreeze, Changing and Refreeze
I just wonder besides of "Force Field Analysis" , Kurt Lewin Change Model should also involved with "unfreeze, change, refreeze" part. Could anyone talk about this point?...
  Be a Change Catalyst
If one has to make a choice that sees the benefits of the greatest majority, then try to be a catalyst in any organization and that I believe can spell the difference after all!...
  Force Field Diagram Assumptions
I think that the model of Lewin is reducing the dimensions of changes to conflict and opposition between two classes. According to this conception the changes in organsations are fatal and and operate by force and not by peaceful way. This is why ...
  Implementation of Change in an Organisation
This is a powerful tool of directing the change management process but it is not good enough for implementing the change and integrate it in the management system of an organisation. Other tools such as the balanced scorecard are required to reinforc...
  Origin of Force Field Analysis
I seem to remember from my early days in OD that Lewin based his model on engineering principles of force analysis taught in Statics and Dynamics of Forces in Mechanical Design. For example, in designing a bridge and determining how to support it yo...
  MSCS Concept in Force Field Analysis
In the force field analysis I use the MSCS (Magnitude, Symptoms, Causes and Solutions) concept for both the driving forces and the restraining forces. This is effective to make the process very simple....
  Decreasing Restraining Forces is easier
I have used Force Field Analysis in the past in the Health, Safety and Environment field. Sometimes I find less effort is required to remove Restraining Forces than to reinforce the Driving Forces in order to get the ball rolling in the right directi...
  Quotes by Kurt Lewin
If you want to truly understand something, try to change it....
  Post-Merger Force Fields
In Post-Merger relationships restraining forces will include creation of 5th columnists within the organisation, and instigation of negative press by parties who don't want to expose the horrors of their balance sheet that was not identified during d...

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ベストプラクティス - Force Field Analysis プレミアム

Expert Tips (ENG) - Force Field Analysis プレミアム

Concerns Against Change and their Remedies

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Leadership Strategies for Change

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The Next Steps when FFA is Done...

After the analysis is done and the existing forces have been identified and rated, action can be planned and undertaken to change the current status i...
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The Force of Employees in Change Inititiaves

The concept of bases of social power is very important for organizations in the context ...
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Implementing Force Field Analysis in the Strategy Process

In his article "Force Field Analysis: A New Way to Evaluate Your Strategy", J. Thomas established seven guidelines useful when implementing a force fi...
Usage (application)Practical Guidelines, Best Practices

Industrys Driving Forces

Many events can affect an industry powerfully enough to qualify as driving forces. Some are unique and specific to a particular industry, but most ...
Usage (application)Organizational Change

Describing and Analyzing Driving Forces

When analyzing potential trends or driving forces, for them to be relevant they must have at least one effect on the terrain of your focal issue. This...
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Assessing the Risks of Change and the Organizations Capacity for Change

In their book "Transforming Public and Nonprofit Organization Stewardship for Leading Change", James Edwin Kee and Kathryn E. Newcomer argue that th...
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Unfreezing, Moving, Freezing

In the early 20th century, psychologist Kurt Lewin identified three phases/stages of change that are still the basis of many change management approac...
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Strategic Change: Why, What, When, Who and How

If we need to change strategically, we need to think about why, what, when, who and how:
- Why do we want to change? - the constraints imp...
Usage (application)Preparing Strategic Change

Typical Driving Forces

Typical driving forces include: felt need for change, regulation change, decreasing results, organizational crisis, bonusses, employee development opp...
Usage (application)Examples

Typical Restraining Forces

Typical restraining forces include: inertia, apathy, technology, IT, rigidity, fear for the new, budgets, hostility, distrust, conflicting objectives....
Usage (application)Examples

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force analysis


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force analysis


change forces


force analysis


change forces


force analysis


change forces

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