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Calculate the growth rate of an investment over a period of time. Explanation of CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate).


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CAGR - Compound Annual Growth Rate

What is CAGR? Description

Compound Annual Growth Rate is the average annual growth rate of an investment over a specified period of time.

Calculation of Compound Annual Growth Rate. Formula

CAGR is calculated by taking the Nth root of the total percentage growth rate where N is the Number of Years in the period being considered.

CAGR = ( ( End Value / Begin Value )(1 / N ) ) - 1

Usage of CAGR. Applications

  • Calculating and communicating the average returns of investment funds.
  • Demonstrating and comparing the performance of investment advisors.
  • Compare the historical returns of stocks with Bonds or with a savings account.

Strengths of CAGR. Benefits

  • It is a useful formula to evaluate how various investments or a portfolio has performed over time.
  • Can be used for comparing and for evaluating the performance of one stock against other stocks in a peer group or against a market index.

Limitations of CAGR. Disadvantages

  • CAGR assumes that an investment grew at a steady rate. In reality there is volatility: investment results can vary significantly over time. This volatility, or investment risk, is important to consider when one makes an investment decision.
  • CAGR is a historical measure. Historical results are not always a reliable indicator of expected returns in the future.
  • CAGR is sensitive to the period which you consider and it can be easily manipulated: an investment fund may tell you that it achieved an impressive CAGR of 35% over the last three years, but the Begin Value may be taken at a the lowest point that the fund ever had.

Assumptions of Compound Annual Growth Rate. Conditions

  • CAGR assumes that an investment grows at a steady pace. This is normally not the reality. Therefore CAGR is an imaginary conception. It describes the growth of an investment as though it had grown at a steady pace.

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  How to Calculate CAGR if the Beginning Data is negative (minus)?
How to calculate CAGR in the following case:
Profit in year 2011: 1200
Profit in year 2010: 1400
Profit in year 2009: - 500....

CAGR Calculation - Example 1

How to calculate CAGR for these export figures?
Export figures are for:
2005: Rs. 1205 cr.
2006: Rs. 995 cr.
2007: Rs. 1025 cr.
2008: Rs. 1150 cr....

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CAGR Calculation - Example 2

If net profit for year 2000 is 200 million and for year 2004 is 400 million, then what will be the CAGR?...
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