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A Study on: Management consultant liabilities - A Study on: Management consultant liabilities
The Role of 4PL - A Brief Deion regarding the architecture of Fourth party logistics
JOB SEARCH TIPS - How to find jobs quickly and easily
Communication does not require tongue - Humans are among so many living animals, probably other then Humans no animal uses.
Journal Paper of China-USA Business Review, 2009 - Integrated Educational Management for the Universities
LEADS in a Caring Environment - New Canadian Framework for Healthcare Leadership Development
IEEE ICMIT'2010 Conference Paper - An Empirical Research of Educational Supply Chain for the Universities
CROSS BORDER ENTREPRENEURSHIP - Trans-border US-Mexico collaboration and outsorucing manufacturing has proven to be the key for making American products competitive in the international markets. Outsourcing science and technology is a viable option as well.
Change Around Leadership Responsibilities - The core for change is true.
Five Pillars of Company Performance: The CRS3© Model - In our experience with different ownership and cultural models of organizations spanning from multinational to aboriginal; from hi tech to no tech; from mammoth to tiny; from BoD to proprietorships; from the for and not so for profit; we discovered that 'performance' was the driving word for everyone.
MiMo - Mobile in - Mobile Out - I believe the mobile will be our prime tool of communication.
Painting Victory - The Painting-Leading model illustrates how leaders guide groups towards goals and create victories.
Cross-cultural Management, Hybrid Manager - Hybrid manager = intercultural competent managers.
Convergent Networked Decision-making Using Group Insights - For speeding up networked group decision-making and gaining a collective insight it is useful to create cognitive model and structure the information in a special convergent way.
Profit-Seeking Through Needs-Focused Innovation - Adaptive Goodness through Needs-Focused innovation in Needs Evolution results in Profit.
Applying Virtual Network Organization business management model applied to retail banking - Virtual Network Organization (VNO) business management model could provide opportunities to increase basis points on financial service products and facilitate access to a broader talent pool of knowledge capital, while allowing increased focus on the core competencies of financial services.
My Sequencing of PepsiCo - This is an Awesome Company!!!
Knowledge Sharing in a Cross-Cultural Environment - Knowledge sharing archetype that is common to all nationalities can be developed
Assessing & Reporting ‘Paradoxical’ Leadership Competencies beyond Traditional One-dimensional Continuums/Scales - The paper presents an enhanced frame of reference to assess 'paradoxical' leadership competencies. The paper also suggests a method of reporting leadership assessments using the framework.
Org. Change at Macro Level In Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka Should Look for a unique paradigm for achieve National Aspirations
Value Creation through Communication Controlling - Value Creation, Integrated Communication, Strategy, Controlling, Measurement, Value Based Communications Management, KPIs, Strategy Maps
Classification of Households into Food Security Status in the North-Central Nigeria: An Application of Rasch Measurement Model. - The outcome of the analysis shows that only very few proportion of households (23.7 percent) in the North central Nigeria are food secure. Children's food security is correlated with that of adults in the same household, but the relation depends on the ages of children less than 15 years.

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