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Motivation in Non-Profit Organizations

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Quirine, Netherlands
I'm having difficulties finding a theory to help me research motivation, and the importance of it, in a non-profit organization. Could someone please give me some advice for the best possible theory? Thanks so much!

NPO Motivation
rebecca, usa
I think the best motivator for a NPO would be a goal setting motivator. Allow the workers or managers themselves to set specific daily and weekly goals and watch the employees be more inclined to reach those goals than with any other tactic.
Motivation and Primary School Teachers
Dorothy Lapira, Teacher, Malta
I am investigating the intrinsic factors that motivate teachers. Working with teachers on a daily basis I have come to realise that they spend so much time and energy to ensure that children are happy at school and learn that the driving force must be more than the pay. Can anyone help with this investigation, maybe with some questions to include in a questionnaire? Thank you..
Best Theory
Rahmat Samad, Student (Other), Malaysia
The best theory for non profit organization on motivation survey is two factor theory. Check it out.
Motivation in Non-profit Organizations
Tony Nasirembe, Management Consultant, Kenya
Quirine of Netherlands is looking for advice regarding motivation of staff in non profit organizations. I would suggest you read 'The 8th Habit' by Stephen Covey. He offers excellent proposition in motivating people in this area and any other work situations.
Motivation in Non-profit Organization
Sarilani, Manager, Indonesia
Try check social-exchange theory and or any concept about altruism. Most of the people I know working in NGO have deep passion about the issue where they decided to work in (here I would support rajesh sharma comment about 'loving what we do"), monetary incentives is still important as a stimulus but not always the driver factor for high performances. People who decided to stay on the NGO path usually feel satisfied by the feeling that they have contributed into human welfare and or environment improvement.
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