PROs and CONs of Autocratic Management Style

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Julie Reynolds, Student (University), Australia
If the management style in an organisation is autocratic, then as an employee you donít have any opportunity at all to change anything in the organisation or even put an opinion forward. Autocratic management style means that all decisions regarding the organisation are decided upon by management with no input by the employees. This leaves no room for employees to contribute to any changes taking place in the organisation. This could make employees feel unimportant and could lead to poor work performance.
However the autocratic management style does have the advantage of being the style that would lead to decisions being made more quickly then another other style, because it doesnít have to involve the employees.
But if improved work performance and improved productivity is the goal of a change in the organisation, then it would depend on the employees feeling needed and the autocratic management style is not the best style to use to achieve this.

Autocratic Leadership & Change
L Madzinga, Accountant, Zimbabwe
Although it enhances quick decision making, autocratic leadership does not augur well for organisational change programmes. To achieve organisational agility to change, employee buy-in is required!



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