3 Tasks to Successfully Execute a the Srategy


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3 Tasks to Successfully Execute a the Srategy

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Fabian Garcia, Project Manager, Mexico
Three tasks should be performed to accomplish successful execution of the strategy:
1. Define what to do by whom by when.
2. Focus on key tasks which drive important goal achievements.
3. Measure and communicate the key task status with your team on a weekly/daily basis.

Bravo... Fabian Garcia
Bill Carter, Business Consultant, United States
Couple of additional comments.
On your point #1... I would add "and with what resources". Too often in strategic planning this is left unaddressed and "assumed.". Unless the "whom person" either has or is given access to adequate resources to accomplish the "what", the actions associated with the strategy cannot be implemented or its deadline will be missed with a built in excuse. In many organizations with a "political culture" this is conveniently and sometimes deviously left unaddressed. (our US congress does it all the time with "unfunded legislation.")
Regarding point #3. The issue that is often avoided with this point is when an action's status is constantly reported incomplete or held up missing its "by when" deadline. When this happens without a real, committed accountability system in place to quickly remove and reassign an "incapable" strategic plan leader or team member, implementation is stymied and susceptible to the insidious disease of "implementation creep".
Achieving Results
Ramji Sharma, Professor, Nepal
What matters in your organization is, not how you do it, but what you get through it. That is the reason why end results are the main measure to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of a manager in most organizations...
Steps in Strategy Execution: Break the Strategy Down in a Gantt Chart
Mona Al Sheikh, Professor, Saudi Arabia
@Bill Carter: Good points, I suggest to brake the strategy down into a detailed series of action plan tasks in a Gantt Chart. Each task has a name of a person or committee assigned to it, required resources specified to accomplish the task, performance indicator or a quality check, and finally the deadline or by when. All this has to be in one sheet.
The final column in the table will be comments about how much was achieved and whether that conforms with the plan.
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