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Management By Objectives in Public Management

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tsanjid ayurzana, Professor, Mongolia
How to introduce Management By Objectives (MBO) in public organizations? Who can share some experiences? Thanks...

MBO in Public Sector Organisation
Mohun Aujayeb, HR Consultant, Mauritius
Introducing the MBO concept in the public sector starts by A. defining the vision of the government...
Which could be: "to provide a citizen-centric, effective service".
The next step would be to B. define the services provided by the particular organization and from there onwards to C. define the activities to provide a world-class service.
Implementing MBO in the Public Sector
JB-J, Student (MBA), Barbados
@Mohun Aujayeb: we have implemented this, but can you tell me what are the documented challenges associated with implementation of a performance management system?
Implementing MBO in the Public Sector
Mohun Aujayeb, HR Consultant, Mauritius
@JB-J: Once you have the activities, it follows suit that D. the key deliverables are defined and the performance is obviously monitored to achieve the desired outcome (objective).
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