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Value Chain and SCM?

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Ashveen, Mauritius
What is the relationship between Supply Chain Management and Value Chain Management? How are they interdependent??

Value Chain and Supply Chain
Elias, Israel
The value chain of an individual company is normally part of the total supply chain of value-creating activities.
While Porter's value chain concept decomposes all activities of one firm into its parts and analyses each individual activity and their interdepencies, the supply chain concept tries to optimize the supply system as a whole by taking into account the interdependencies between the activities in multiple firms.
Value System
Hannie, Netherlands
A firm's value chain is embedded in a larger stream of activities that Porter terms the Value System. This value system comprises the Supplier Value Chains, the Firm Value Chains, Channel Value Chains and Buyer Value Chains.
Gaining and sustaining competitive advantage depends on understanding not only a firm's value chain but how the firm fits in the overall value system.
Value Chain and SCM Emphasis
RAUL BALDACCI, Manager, Argentina
But the emphasis should always be on the customer for both perspectives.
VCA does not stop at company borders
Paul, Netherlands
Improvements of the value chain may result from inside the company or from linking the internal activities in an effective way to suppliers, buyers, customers, partners, etc.
Value Chain driver of SCM
Badi, Sweden
Remember that value chain is the driver behind the SCM discipline - its main motivator.
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