Marketing = Marketing Mix + Customers = 4P's + C


Marketing Mix | The 4Ps

Marketing = Marketing Mix + Customers = 4P's + C

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Nhi, Viet Nam
My teacher said that Marketing is the 4Ps plus a C (Customers). And he didn't explain it, so I really don't understand it too much. Can you help me explain it?

Marketing - 4Ps plus Customer
Sandra Maughon, USA
The four Ps (product, price, place, and promotion) are (or should be) all determined and planned from the company's vision and mission. Underlying it all, though, must be a fundamental understanding of who your customer is and how do you reach them. You are not likely to sell baby diapers on a regular basis to someone who does not have babies no matter how great the diapers are, no matter how cheap they are, no matter how many places you sell them, nor how many clever advertising methods you use.
Likewise, you have to understand your customer to determine what kinds of products you make, how you price them, where you sell them, and what kind of advertising you will use.
I know those are very simplistic examples, but I hope they help to explain the concept.
Amir, Israel
It means that even though you must look at all 4 Ps, without the customer's basic needs, or without his existence for that matter, the initial 4ps wouldn't amount to anything. The customer must exist for the market to be allowed.
4P's + C
Arbresha, Professor, Macedonia
4Ps + C it can also be called. The right connection with the customer and the market. The market works and works every time to fulfill the customers needs, also to fulfill the enterprises interests but goals are accomplished by accomplishing the customers needs and wishes. A company should know how the customers thinks, and that is done by having the 4P's. Starting from the product which should be qualitative, the price according to the product and also to the standard of the country, the place where the costumer is available to see as often as possible and the promotion which may be as information for the product place and price.
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