The Butterfly effect

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Ulisses Pinto, Portugal
I'm a true chaos believer. I'm not a scientist but I think the great solutions for our planet depend on a new way of thinking about changes and effects. The planet climates are changing in a way that could be fatal for human kind. The deterministic theories are in failure for the problem solving. I think we've to introduce new variables on the system in a way that can actively change the process of climate degradation. I don't know how to, but I have some ideas, crazy ones I believe. I'd like to see hypothetical solutions on this matters.

Chaos Theory and Going to Its Root Cause
Suvrangshu Dey, Student (University), New Zealand
With climate changes occurring rapidly in recent years, proof is that man has helped in the acceleration of climate change.
If chaos principles are to be applied, it is close to impossible to find the root cause for climate changes (in regards to human activities). Although we may be able to predict the changes in climate (fatal) chaos theory discipline is hard to execute due to constant uncertainty within the theory's principles.


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