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Kotter Change Steps for Political Change

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Stanislas G. BIANOU, Project Manager, Cameroon
Since I learned the 8 steps change approach of Kotter, I've started following them in my business initiatives and I noticed that although not easy to do, it leads to success for sure if they are faithfully executed.
I've started a reflection now with some friends on how we can use the same steps to bring change in politics. I'm leaving in a country where we had 2 presidents in 50 years and the social climate is not the best we can have and there is definitely a need to change.
I think the challenge is not the same and since we are talking about a country now, which is obviously bigger and more complex than a company. Therefore finding solutions for each step becomes more complex.
Do you have an idea on how these steps can be applied to the scale of a country?

Evolutionary or Revolutionary
Satish Talikota, Management Consultant, India
I think it can either be evolutionary or revolutionary. In the evolutionary scenario the economic forces might force the change. In the revolutionary scenario the democratic thinking and power of association will make people at the top accept change.
Steps for Change
David Wilson, Manager, Canada
By following Kotters steps you are essentially following a top-down process.
Social change needs to be from the bottom up. I believe it also needs to be peaceful. Using Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other social media you can communicate your ideas and organization your followers.
You need a core group of supporters, who need to convince others. You need to develop a plan for continuous improvement and you also need to celebrate quick wins.
Change that is evolutionary may take longer, but it is less violent and lasts longer. People need to understand the vision and mission and they need to be convinced to support the idea.
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