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BOS: more of the same

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Enrique, Colombia
Blue Ocean Strategy is just more of the same old stuff. It takes industry analysis from Porter, differentiation from Trout and the ancient concept of strategy from Sun Tzu. There is not anything new with this theory. It is just a nice catching title, merely good for selling books.

GS Raina, India
Rightly said my Enrique. The concept is not new, it only comes with an attractive title. Additionally this can also be referred as the New Market/ Product Entry which drills down from the Gap Analysis. BOS is a good jargon to use.
More of the same?
Juan, Spain
Note that even if one only mixes certain existing components skillfully, this can still present a valuable contribution to management science. Certainly Kim and Mauborgne have gone beyond merely mixing existing knowledge.
Zdzislaw, USA
I am so glad to read responses that recognize that this to be derivative work. It is shamelessly derivative. However, it is obvious that many readers have not neen exposed to the seminal ideas referenced by previous writers so if it helps promote the ideas it serves a useful purpose. It does make a contribution as Juan indicated. My hope is that these types of discussions will motivate people to read the original work by Porter and others.
Guillermo, Colombia
It is necessary to study strategic thinking deeply to be able to understand BOS. I recommend Senge on systems dynamics and Morin on complexity. In this way people might be able to understand how deep and meaningful this new and excellent theory represents for strategic management.
Mamun, Bangladesh
This world likes innovation and people like to get more new things in this changing world. Here BOS understands the customer as they want to get new things also about the company as they are getting more profit in a compititionless market.
Dany Sturtewagen, Belgium
There is never anything new in the business world, it all comes down to the fact that we reshuffle the "older" ideas and then, all of the sudden, see the problem and the solution from another perspective. That is what the writers did and therefor deserve credits
Blue Ocean Strategy and Porter
Sharad /Nimbas, Netherlands
The whole discussion of BOS is situated around Porter's generic strategy model. Application of that in the pursuit of BHAGs eventually results in to Blue Ocean, isn't it?
Blue Ocean good reminder
Randy A, USA
The ideas are not new. Baking your own pie instead of worrying about attaining more of the same pie with your competitiors has many examples of success. Think of the Mac from Apple. Invented their own market called graphics!
That being said, at least it is a good reminder to allow management to put themselves in a position to be able to think differently about their business and how to innovate with products, services or business design.
Re-hash of Porter's work
Roel, Philippines
I didn't buy this book since i think this is just a rehash of Porter's work. The canvass is very similar to strategic maps. Putting the curves just complicates the case. Stop the hype please.
About new and old
Francisco, UK / Brazil
I don`t think the book is a revolution or anything. But I think there isn't any problem of building and connecting from other ideas because that has been done for as long as science exists. Sometimes with fanatic results such as the airplane, the steam engine, the relativity theory, etc. Sometimes with good useful results such as 6 Sigma, Blue Ocean, etc etc and sometimes with useless results (that usually, for obvious reasons, do not become famous).
Blue Ocean Strategy Sounds Familiar
Botond Szalma, Other, Netherlands
What is the real added value of Blue Ocean strategy discussions? The idea of creating demand sounds like a push marketing strategy mode; the uncontested markets/industries could be perceived as niches/emerging markets where the competitive landscape is less complex... All that sounds very familiar.
BOS: NOT More of the Same
Gospel U Osadebe, CEO, Nigeria
I completely refuse to agree with Enrique that there is nothing new about Blue Ocean strategy. BOS is a unique innovative process aimed at exploring a new dimension of achieving superior performance. It is in line with managing change situations which is the only permanent issue in the entreprenerial wave economy. It is aimed at auditing our mind sets on some common theories. The concept applies to individuals, organizations and nations determined to become effective in life and business endeavors.
Blue Ocean Strategy is a Name
Ekpenyong Amanam, Management Consultant, Nigeria
I think the idea is just one of the new thinking tools to refresh our memories.
In real business setting, competition is the soul of business. You need consumers and you must convince them that you have something superior to what they are currently having. They have been in their status quo because of the loyalty they have in their current service provider. You must woo them, use any strategy that looks green, blue, brown, yellow, black or white. You are doing the same competition with the red. More important, consumers are scared about new product that have not been known for a long time. As such would not like to spend on it. The Blue Ocean strategy (BOS) will fail in that regards.
Do not overlook funding. Banks do not easily give facility is entirely new area with limited possibility to bring quick returns, so lack of fund can kill the bos. Be that as it may, the thinking has contributed to this blog which is an academic exercise.
Endless Meanings
Tariq Shareef Younis, Professor, Bahrain
Blue Ocean strategy is an idealistic rather than realistic framework. Unfortunately, we use many duplicated idioms to mean the same thing. What is Blue Ocean strategy? Why it is not green or yellow? We as authors burden strategy with huge terms and we leave the researchers with endless meanings.
Blue Ocean and Cloud Computing
Maurice van der Woude, Organisatie Adviseur, Netherlands
Sure, Blue Ocean is comparable to Porter, but has some differences that gives the whole idea a new approach. Look at it like cloud computing. Nothing new really, we are just going back to terminal working, but deep in the essence there is a variety that makes it different and (sometimes) more up to date within the current society. Being a winner in game changes means you not only have to innovate, but differentiate as well and in line with the current society.
BOS, Ros and Ansoff
Madan Gopal Agarwal, Business Consultant, India
The universe of market space is precisely defined in the classical product / market grid developed by Igor Ansoff in 1965, which is still valid.
The domain of ROS specifically focuses on current products while that of BOS focuses on new products.
Ansoff goes on to define portfolio strategy and competitive strategy. Still, both ROS / BOS have their own distinct characteristics, approaches, cultures, challenges and rewards.
Current State.. Ideal State.. Future State.
ifraz afzal, Business Consultant, United Kingdom
I see this strategy the same as understand the current state then the ideal state without limits. Then dial back to what is do-able in the current climate, whilst developing the company towards the ideal state.
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