12manage Reveals and Helps with the Complexity of Management



12manage Reveals and Helps with the Complexity of Management

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Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa
I find the website most intriguing in that the points raised quite often seem simple at first glance, but are then exposed as being significantly more complex in reality by the contributors.
This is natural in humankind as we continually seek for greater insight instead of relying on our natural abilities.
Please keep going to help and guide all those who participate at al levels of intellect.

Exposing the Complexity of Management
Jaap de Jonge (Editor), Business Consultant, Netherlands
Thank you, Andrew! You remind me of the famous words of George Bernard Shaw which I believe are particularly relevant for those studying or working in the fantastic field of organizations and management:
"For every complex problem there is a simple solution that is wrong".
As a manager, you are well advised to watch out for people claiming that some important management challenge or issue 'is simple', has a 'simple solution' or in fact 'requires making a very quick decision'.
It makes me happy that you find 12manage useful in finding and considering alternate options and perspectives to consider.
Complexity of Management
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa
While I accept your commentary, I also feel that the increasing of complexity in management is often falsely created simply to cover inefficiency or lack of ability. The famous generals of the past and present all act as examples of simplicity in management, and the direct control of peoples lives always, for me, outweighs the complexities of business.
An old wag said "Perfection is doing a lot of little things very well". In business complex challenges are normally resolved by adopting this approach because the little things are, more often than not, simple and, when combined, they make up the complex challenge that needs resolution?
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