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Mike Deveria, Norway
As the Quality Assurance (QA) manager for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects I have developed a set of template management plans that define how every aspect of an EPC project should be managed and tested. One of this set of plans is the project quality plan. Would any QA manager be interested in exchanging ideas on the content and application of such a plan for EPC projects with a value > Ä10 million?

Project Quality Management
Bill Collins, Manager, United States
I am interested in knowing if the quality aspect refers to "quality of the project" or to the "management of quality within the project tasks themselves". In our business, we use a test plan which goes from engineering validation through product reliability and verification.
Quality of Project versus Management of Qualty
Dr. V.N.Tikku, Management Consultant, India
Both are complementory to each other. It needs methodology to synergise both so as to get consistent results.
In case interested we can discuss same in details.
Quality Management of EPC Projects
Mike Deveria, Norway
I agree that these are complimentory. We are applying Prince2 methodology from which the quality plan is seen as one of the team plans. 'Quality of the project' aims to guarantee customer satisfaction and continual improvement with lessons learnt for future projects. This is supported by managing the quality of the project tasks, establishing realistic procedures and auditing them to ensure compliance or seek opportunities for improvement. Does anyone else have experience in producing such team plans or working with Prince2 in EPC projects?
Programme Quality Management
Mark Tucker, Consultant, South Africa
I am interested to exchange ideas on programme quality management for an epc programme which is entering the final feasibility phase.
Programme Quality Management
Mike Deveria, Norway
@Mark Tucker: Mark, can you tell me more about the 'programme'. This is not a word I'm familiar with in engineering projects. Which / what type of project is at the feasibility phase? I'll be happy to share what I've developed when I know more about its applicability.
Quality Management for EPC Projects
Mark Tucker, Consultant, South Africa
@Mike Deveria: Hi Mike - the programme consists of 4 separate but interdependant EPC projects.
Consists of 2 x coal beneficiation plants (250KTPA and 435KTPA output) each with an associated energy recovery co-generation plant. I hope this helps. Many thanks.
Project Quality Management System
Mike Deveria, Norway
Mark, in the company I work for I have developed a project quality management system consisting of several 'team plans'. Our project are managed under Prince2.
The aim is that the plans are modified by the relevant project engineer/manager to meet the project needs, reflecting the demands specific to the contract.
When these have been approved by the project board and client, the activities are carried out and checked/audited by the QA manager.
Changes, improvements etc are recorded in the audit report and lead to lessons learnt (we have a database for this).
Audit results are reported to the board, Prince2 calls this project assurance.
The plans include: project management, contract management, financial management and control, risk, human resources, planning and scheduling, documentation, interfacing, authority management, quality control and CE.
Project Quality Management
James07, Business Consultant, India
@Mike Deveria: I like this simple definition of quality because its focus is where it should be: the customer. This basic definition also implies that the requirements of the project will be met, since the requirements should reflect the customerís needs if collected properly.
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