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Michael D. Moore, Entrepreneur, United States
This entire area of communication is very important and much is written on the subject. I believe that in the context of manager - subordinate, knowing enough about your employee to allow you to communicate and delegate tasks through "the lens of the employee" is most important.

Leader-subordinate Oriented Communication
Michelle Holder, Student (MBA), United States
I agree Michael, when delegating responsibilities to subordinates (followers), leaders must make sure that they are active listeners as well as being knowledgeable about a particular employee or group. "
The lens of the employee" is the best communicative style for those who need direction and more structure for task completion. They use their analytical abilities to postulate any possibilities that may result in less than successful outcomes.
On an upper-level management level, active listening is just as important as speaking and/or nonverbal cues so that the organization's mission and vision are communicated to the employees, who will have to adapt as change takes place. Taking time out for five minutes, giving someone your undivided attention, can make that person feel more important, more productive, and just plain happier; thus, reinforcing the need for communication throughout an organization in its successes and promotions while striving for world-class status.
Communication in Management
Bergen, Manager, Netherlands
Communication is for most management teams an undeveloped area, unfortunately. They use communication only for the marcom part of it, or when necessary to address issues and changes.
Using communication as an integral part of how to run a business is under-developed area. It is time that the communication manager is part of the management team to ensure that communication is used as a steering tool in stead of a one-directional tool. There is so much opportunity in a very simple way.
Communication in Management
Michael D. Moore, Entrepreneur, United States
Bergen - your point about "so much opportunity" and communication as "underdeveloped" really resonates with me. The issue, as I see it, is that unless companies can see a direct connection between effective communication skills & productivity increases, I am afraid it will continue as an undeveloped area.
Communication in Management
S Luther, England
In all my years of coaching and training leaders, enhancing their communication skills has always been essential, and has lead to better team work, increased productivity, less stress and conflict, jobs get done when they should be.
So often managers/supervisors are appointed because they are good at something specific (engineering) but to lead people other skills are required, communication being one of them:
- adapting language to suit the listener,
- speaking with clarity,
- ability to hold team meetings, and
- present information that is relevant.
Use motivational language. Knowing how to give constructive feedback. But it is not just about being able to speak, it is about understanding non-verbal behaviour and how it impacts on communication and tone.
Today being able to communicate efficiently by email and text are also vital, as the short/quick message can be received and responded to in a way that was not meant and causes all sorts of conflict.
Politeness, courtesy should not be forgotten and included.
Communication in Management
OKSANA, Teacher, Ukraine
Unfortunately a lot of managers pursue their own goals (to enhance their self-esteem, to fight their inferiority complexes, etc), not the company ones. That is why very often they do not care of efficient communication with their subordinates. They are not accessible for their employees and not responsive. It sometimes seems that they hone their making-work-more-difficult skill even more violently.
Efficient communication is essential on all and between all levels in the company!
Communication in Management
Michael D. Moore, Entrepreneur, United States
Oksana - I agree with your comments and observations. What you describe is wide spread. It would not be so if senior management did not allow it. Where it is prevalent, a culture has been allowed to support it.
Communication Skills for Managers
Luciano Santini, Coach, United States
I believe that communication is a very important part of a great work environment. What I have found is that people are often promoted to a management position with a specific skill set, but they have no idea how to speak or listen, and much less how to communicate issues at hand properly.
Because of that, not only such a person will fail such position, but also his employees are going to suffer. Top leaders need to take promotions more seriously and take the time to promote and coach the right person into the right position.
About the Need to Be Specific and Clear in Management Communication
Luciano Santini, Coach, United States
I believe that when one communicates with either staff members or top level management one needs to make sure that there is specificity. One needs to make sure one is speaking in specifics so that there is clarity and specifics. Try to leave no room for questions and if there are any questions they will be minimum.
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