Examples of Core Competencies for Hospitality and Tourism?


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Examples of Core Competencies for Hospitality and Tourism?

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Tony Bok, Student, United Kingdom
What examples of core competencies can be seen from a hospitality and tourism perspective, based on Hamel's and Prahalad's argument on 'core competencies progressive organisations are able to differentiate and position their products to maximise their potential'?

Examples of Core Competence in Hospitals and Tourism
siddharth Kaushal, Manager, India
In a services industry, it is always less straightforward to make and sustain a core competence because any service innovation is easy prey to imitation.
The solution lies in technology, or ways of producing and organising a business function.
Example: services are intimately dependent on personnel - both who manage or produce. So if you institute a mechanism for becoming an employer of choice - through knowledge management programs, employee solutions or alternatively build a network of service providers using relationship management practices or even if you develop tremendous consumer relationship management/consumer engagement programs by developing superior market research capabilities, you stand to gain a reasonably sustainable competitive advantage.
But the adage holds: competitive advantages have a much smaller life cycle in the services sector.
Core Competencies in Service Sector
Shivank Saluja, Consultant, India
In the service sector core competencies can be developed by creating a differentiating services or customer experience from your competitor. Employee training, motivation, work environment etc are main factors that help to develop core competencies.
It's a time taking process, but quality of service is not guaranteed as it involves many intangible factors like human engagement, resources.
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