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Leadership Styles and Motivation

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Samson Hlandze, Student (MBA), Swaziland
How do leadership styles actually relate to motivation?

How Leadership Styles Relate to Motivation
Fiona Kerr, Strategy Consultant, Australia
In terms of what motivates a persons leadership style, my work is in the intrinsic, extrinsic and cognitive aspects of how the dominant logic style is shaped which then acts as a primary motivator for the style of leadership practiced.
This can be in the shape of how the leader sees the world, what their dominant logic is and the way they take in and 'map' information, the rules they apply, and whether they are linear or divergent in terms of problem solving, decision making and controlling or steering.
Simply put, a linear, autocratic person applies simplified, linear logic and views to decisions and structures, whereas a complex thinker leads by loose-tight tending and steerage.
The extrinsic aspect is what the rewards are in the organisation (the environment) in the practicing of leadership style - we get what we reward for. A linear, hierarchical structure will reward this shape of leading, and an abstractive style of organisation will reward instead the ability to allow for adaptation and emergence.
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