The Benefits of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)


Emotional Intelligence

The Benefits of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

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zahra gheidar, Other, Iran
Emotional Intelligence skills influence people to self awareness, self managing, awareness of other people and relations managing.
These abilities result in a successful position in the family, job and society. In fact Emotional Intelligence tells us academic knowledge is not enough to reach a blessed society.

Benefits of being Emotional Intelligent
k Govindarajulu, Teacher, India
Good EQ skills helps an individual to:
- Understand him/herself,
- Manage him/herself,
- Understand others,
- Managing the relationships with others.
Emotional Skills and Achievements
zahra gheidar, Other, Iran
Nowadays, communication has a big influence on societies. Our world is covered with hidden network connections. Achievement is accessible by having/developing relation skills. A big part of relation skills is formed by emotional skills.
Emotional Mastery Through EI
R Gupta, Manager, United Kingdom
@K Govindarajulu: Emotional intelligence gives opportunity for self regulation in response to self awareness. It is thus vital to be open minded, else EI doesn't work. When you apply it to yourself, and master it, you can apply it to others and get the best out of any situation.
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