Cross-Functional Teams: Reasons for Failure

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Carlo Scodanibbio, Other, South Africa-italy
Of course teams - including cross-functional teams - may fail: not achieving the set targets - or not efficiently, in terms of time/resources utilised - and, most critical, with members ending the team meeting dissatisfied, or frustrated, or convinced that it was a(nother) pure waste of time.
What are, to your opinion, the 3 most critical factors influencing the outcome (success/failure) of specifically cross-functional teams?

Why Cross Functional Teams Fail?
Ferdinand Santos, Other, Philippines
Good concept, poor implementation
Wrong personality involved in the project. I am not referring to the diversity of the background of the member but rather on the attitude.
Same as with any team sport. Team with an all star cast can translate a win but not a championship.
Reason for Failure of Cross Functional Team
Team leader is not effective in conducting meetings to explain the rules of the game.
Reasons for Failure of Cross Functional Team
Louis E. Evans, Analyst, United States
- When the team leader fails to articulate the reward of successful project completion in terms of both the CFT and the broader organization.
- The team leader though very proficient in the technical area of expertise, fails in the social aspects of personal leadership. This is important because at it's core... High performance is a social phenomenon.
About Project Based Firm or CFT Problems
Arvils Jakabsons, Latvia
Where I can get more information about CFT leading methodologies or the most critical problems which are encountered in CFT operation processes?
@Arvils Jakabsons' Question
Carlo Scodanibbio, Other, South Africa
Where you can get comprehensive information to answer your query I don't know.
What I do know is that Team-Work in general and CFT-work specifically generally fail because of inadequate preparation.
To my opinion and to my experience, any effective TW / CFT session must be preceded by a short but significant "discovery" session.
During a discovery session:
# the problem (or the issue subject to team work) is identified, defined, clearly spelled out, and shortly but significantly described (a very simple sentence!)
# all facts and figures related to the problem/issue under scrutiny are listed, defined and agreed upon by all team members
# the targets of the subsequent operational session are identified and clearly set
# the timing factor (and, where applicable, a quota of brainstorming ideas to be produced) is set
Reasons for Failure of a Cross-Functional Team
Mauro Feleppa, Manager, Italy
- Environment (in terms of company, department, group and/or area in which the CFT operates) effects the results.
- Disagreement on vision and targets effect the results.
But what I consider, by personal experience, the worst enemy of the CFT is:
- Diversity of languages: multi ethnic components are forced to relate to a language other than their native, with the consequent restriction arising from the inability to use appropriate words and idioms, especially in developing creativity.
In such cases, the presence of a group leader who has experience in different countries may be key to success.
How to Avoid Cross Functional Teams from Failing?
PK Lim CMC, PMC, Management Consultant, Singapore
@Subhash Trivedi: to prevent failure in a CFT:
1. Firstly the role of the CFT has to be properly defined.
2. The CFT has to be empowered by the top person of the organization to make process changes and improvement.
3. A CFT charter has to be clearly drawn out with measurable deliverable.
4. All CFT members must align to focus on the charter and perform barriers identification & removal to achieve result.
5. The CFT leader will need to update top management on the progress of the results and look for non-contributing team members and replace them. It is an honour to be a CFT-member.


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