What Managerial Competencies are Required to Tackle an Organizational Crisis?


Crisis Management

What Managerial Competencies are Required to Tackle an Organizational Crisis?

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Anneke Zwart, Student (University), Netherlands
In normal circumstances, various competencies are needed for top management to be successful. Besides (!) these regular competencies, certain specific skills and knowledge are crucial to recover from a crisis. The following special crisis management skills are of particular importance:
1. A crisis manager should have a well developed business sense combined with confrontational and professional capabilities. A crisis managers should well understand the circumstances and be able to perform under abnormal situations
2. Business experience is important. Also, a crisis manager should have a lot of experience with rehabilitation projects for all kinds of decision making.
3. Negotiations/communication skills and experience on a local and international level is important, particularly in extraordinary situations.
4. Knowledge needed to employ in the judgement of employees’ and other interest groups’ responses; a crisis manager shoud be able to estimate the results after the recovery process.
5. A crisis manager should be ready to expect a function as moderator/mediator.
In view of the complexity of the management of a company undergoing serious difficulties, crisis management is denoted as a "composite” discipline", because a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving is required in order to achieve the objectives of managing a company undergoing a crisis.
Source: Dubrovski, D. “Additional Knowledge Needed in Crisis Management”, at International Conference Management, Knowledge and Learning, 2011

What Managerial Competencies are Required to Tackle an Organizational Crisis?
Nick Rainsford, Other, United Kingdom
There are five competencies listed above. In order of importance, the one listed as number 4 (knowledge needed in the judgment of employees and other interested group's response) is vital in crisis management as the information upon which to base decisions comes from employees and others. Weakness in this competence would not solve the crisis.
Thanks for the email on this.
Crisis Management - What Managerial Compentencies are Required
WALTER Pascal, Manager, France
Crisis management is the art of making decisions to head off or mitigate the effects of such an event, often while the event itself is unfolding. This often means making decisions about your institution’s future while you are under stress and while you lack key information. But:
1. In a crisis, a manager can do everything right — using all available information and the best possible judgment — and the decision can still make matters worse.
2. A leader may never get perfect information during a crisis situation — (s)he will succeed only where capable of making a decision in the absense of perfect information.
Courage is Needed in Crisis
James Tian, Manager, Singapore
Thank you very much for the sharing. May I suggest that
6. Courage is also needed for a leader to decide after all the considerations are made. The 5 competencies deal with the head, but courage and compassion in the heart would be needed for action as well.
Type of Crisis and Handling/recovery
Per Wickman, Analyst, Sweden
I think the competencies for handling a crisis needed may differ depending on the type of crisis we are dealing with. It is the same regarding recovering from a crisis.
Knowledge about chaos theory may be an advantage.
It is within four main areas you shall be a master: culture (how you think, feelings), methods, principles and knowledge. These areas are not independent of one another.
What Managerial Competencies are Required to Tackle an Organisational Crisis?
Phanindra Sai A, Other, India
During crisis the most important role is played by the employees so a manager has to exhibit his 7. leadership qualities along with other competencies to handle the resources and situation in a right way.
Undoubtedly experienced people will have an added advantage in handling these situations.
While handling these situations, presence of mind / 8. common sense could be utilised to the maximum possible extent.
When a person posses these competencies, along with the other competencies that are highlighted in the discussion, I feel that person will be highly effective in handling a crisis situation.
Reaction to Competencies for Organisational Crisis Management
Nwagbosoh, Isaac, Management Consultant, Nigeria
Crisis management could be seen as one and the same thing as situational/emergency management and to be effectual, the crisis manager must 9. act timely because delay may negate the essence and expose the organisation to greater risk.
Indeed management of a crisis in the organisation requires more than just the normal or routine competencies of managing.
Managerial Crisis Management Competences: Rely on Values
Sonny Vicente, Coach, Philippines
Thank you Ms. Anneke Zwart for sharing. I find your input practical and educational.
In any organizational or any crisis for that matter, whether it be personal or professional, being guided by one's sense of values in making decisions is very crucial.
I've always believed and experienced that in making choices coming from my sense of values have never led to any regrets.
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