10 Ways to Become a Socially Conscious Organization

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10 Ways to Become a Socially Conscious Organization
Anneke Zwart, Student (University), Netherlands

Newlands (2017) sums up ten points helping companies to become more social aware, which in turn longer-term relationships with increasingly responsible customers.
  1. DEVELOP A SOCIAL MISSION: next to an organization’s mission and vision statement, establishing a social mission that clearly explains in what ways your organization contributes to the community or society.
  2. REALISTIC GOALS: after having developed a social mission, setting realistic and measurable goals helps you to clarify how you are going to achieve the social mission developed. The objectives should point to an immediate issue within the community; present a solution with already existing resources; make people aware of the issue.
  3. EDUCATE WORKERS: this point is about involving your employees in the developed social mission; make them understand the issues that your organization finds so important.
  4. ESTABLISH AN IN-HOUSE SOCIAL RESONSIBILITY TEAM: such a team is necessary to realease time to spend on developing crowsfunding/crowdsourcing ideas.
  5. CONTRIBUTIONS: this is especially in case of small enterprises such as startups, because they are often limited in the amount of resources they can free for donations.
    1. SUPPORT VOLUNTEERISM: Volunteering can strengthen employee bonding while simultaneously contributing to the social good.
    2. INTERNAL SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS: Although social responsibility is often associated with the external ‘society’, building a social responsible organizations internally – by following ethical labor practices – is just as important. It is important to value the work of your employees; offer your employees opportunities to develop both personal and professional; and develop an environment in which your employees can flourish.
    3. ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: Sustainability has to do with social, but just as much with environmental issues. Therefore it is necessary to take action to reduce your environmental impact. Energy-efficient policies; digitalization; recycling programs, those are all actions that can be taken in light of environmental sustainability.
    4. PARTNERING WITH COMPATIBLE COMPANIES: collaborating with companies that have the same mentality helps you creating new funds. Besides, the impact you can make together will probably be bigger in comparison with acting on your own.
    5. LASTING EFFORT: social consciousness should not be regarded as a one-time event. In order to make a real difference, it is necessary to integrate you social/ sustainability goals into the strategy of your organization (see also shared value).

    What is your view on those ten points?
    Source: Newlands, Murray (2017) “10 ways to make your business more socially responsible” Entrepreneur https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/294421 18-6-2017


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