Cases and Causes of BPR Failure / BPR Disasters


Business Process Reengineering

Cases and Causes of BPR Failure / BPR Disasters

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Cecile TRAN, Analyst, France
I'm doing research on BPR failure cases. Unfortunately, I can't find any cases to illustrate my research. Could you please tell me where I can find this kind of cases?
Thank you in advance.

BPR Failure Case
Vijayaraghavan, Other, India
RBS looks like a suitable candidate. Please check.
BPR Failure Case: RBS
Jaap de Jonge (Editor), Business Consultant, Netherlands
@Vijayaraghavan: Could you please give some more information about this case?
BPR Failure Cases
Paul Boucek, Business Consultant, Canada
Hello Cecile, I may have some examples from central Europe, but please define BPR as you see it. Many so called BPR failures resulted from not following BPR fundamentals and so the failures were not because of BPR, but as is often the case, poor project management.
Cases and Causes of BPR Failure
Cecile TRAN, Analyst, France
@Paul Boucek: Hi Paul, this is what I want to understand. In fact, my subject of research is: how to succeed a BPR. Thus, I would want to analyse the failure cases to understand the root cause of their failure. Thank you very much for your help.
Editor: I adapted the title of this discussion accordingly.
Authors Who Wrote Papers on BPR Failures
Muhammad Nauman Habib, Professor, Pakistan
@Cecile TRAN:
Belmiro, Gardiner, Simmons, and Rentes (2000)
Majed Al-Mashari and Zairi (1999)
Hammer and Staton (1995)
Drago and Geisler (1997)
Ranganathana and Dhaliwal (2001)
Abdolvand, Albadvi, and Ferdowsi (2008)
Ahmad, Francis, and Zairi (2007)
Above are some of the authors who discussed those factors in their research papers. I hope they will help you out.
BPR Failure Cases
Paul Boucek, Business Consultant, Canada
An excellent book to read would be Managing Radical Organizational Change by Karen Newman and Stanley Nollen. Furthermore, their references will provide you with additional information. I was working at Deloitte at the time, primarily within the FI sector and could help you out should you decide to concentrate on this culture and time period.
Cases and Causes of BPR Failure
Berhanu Workneh, Consultant, Ethiopia
Consider searching the internet on the application and challenges of implementing BPR in Ethiopian public sector. I am sure you will find some that may help you well.
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