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360, 180 and 540 Degree Feedback

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Charles, Business Consultant, United Kingdom
360 degree feedback would involve the person themselves, their manager, selected peers and selected people that the person manages - 4 dimensions.
180 degree feedback could be just the person and their manager - or the person and their peers - or the person and the people they manage - 2 dimensions.
540 degree feedback is where additional groups are asked to contribute - for example ‘customers’ and other ‘stakeholders’ - 5 or more dimensions.

360,180 and 540 Degree Feedback
ARAVIND, Project Manager, India
360 is good for improving the attributes if it is done properly with good intention
540 in fact it's the first time I am hearing about 540 degree feedback. Can anybody explain it further?
The Cost of 360,180 and 540 Degree Feedback
Prof. Ashvine Kumar, Professor, India
Feedback on what cost?
Are we ready to bear the increased cost due to all these dimensions. I think it's better to talk about cost management too...
540 Degree Feedback?
Enrique Benjamin Franklin F., Professor, Mexico
It seems a very clever proposal of a feedback of 540 degrees, but I think it would add units of measure which may not be very useful in practice.
It would be better keep the 360 degrees and talk about layers or planes to apply.
Lot of Work
Musyoki Muli, Director, Kenya
360 and all these others sound a bit like summative appraisals. How do they factor in continuous performance appraisal and what are the intervals for process feedback and review?
It's definitely more objective the more appraisers there are - but order and higher volumes of work come in. If you are in a large organization, wonder how it would be coordinated and concluded.
Using 360-degree Feedback for Development
Thomas N. Meriwether, Professor, United States
The 360-degree feedback process is an investment in employee / supervior development. The 360 process works well if development is the purpose. If, however, the principle use is to make administrative decisons, then the process breaks down.
The self-assesment is the least predicitve of leadership potential;
I have found the peer appraisals are the better predictor of future leadership performance, while
Subordinate appraisal works only if there is assured non-attribution.
Superior appraisals tend to focus on task accomplishment and the bottom line, while subordinates are more apt to reveal leadership toxicity.
Head Hurts
Don Berry, Management Consultant, United States
As Tom Meriwether intimated unless 360 is part of a structured organizational development toward specific goals... it is a cost w/o revenue return. More often than not in most structures 360 makes my head hurt. I can't even imagine the pain that 540 would cause.
360, 180 and 540 Degree Feedback
John Muka, Consultant, Australia
Charles, the 360 appraisals with different levels is a good process for performance management and building organisational capability. You might like to consider focusing on three 360 areas:
1) Appraisal process itself (make sure it ia as objective as possible)
2) Robust system support
3) Cost and volume of work.
I have been involved with a company called Sacher Associates. They are the sort of consultant you want to engage to get the process right and manage it from there.
Performance Audit versus Audit Performance or Auditors Performance
Mrs c usha rani, Professor, India
Presently I am writing an article on performance audit versus audit performance or auditor's performance though we have various methods of performance appraisals still internal auditors are trying to manipulate accounts. I am searching for the correct measure to treasure the investment of shareholders. The above points helped me in writing my article. Thank you.
Panorama Feedback
Hans-Guenter Lindner, Professor, Germany
Good idea to enhance the 360 degree model. Why don't we think about a multidimensional approach?
The question is: why shouldn't we use panel techniques for continuous feedback by using an enterprise feedback management system?
360, 180, 540
Eddie Ozols, Australia
The 360 is called that in Australia and does include peers, managers, colleagues and external stakeholders such as partners in a human services context.
To Charles in Australia nearly all 360 surveys are done by consultants who will adapt their work to the customer's requirements. Having said that they are almost always done on line nowadays.
Re: Panorama Feedback
John Muka, Consultant, Australia
Hans, yes there are countless feedback management systems out there and new ones are probably on their way as we speak...
I feel the key area of consideration is still the the process and whether or not it is capable of giving you the quality of data you require (QA / QC). If your MSA measurement system analysis tells you the process is capable, you have a good system to have some good level of confidence in what you get.
180, 360, 540 Degrees System
Madan Gopal Agarwal, Business Consultant, India
540 degrees is the most universal system followed globally in all so called 'world-class' or 'best managed' companies.
360 degrees is the minimum norm.
180 degrees is used as a support for other two systems.
In any case, meticulous and sincere planned efforts are required for both 540 and 360 degrees. Frequency is one year. This is supported by 180 degrees which is done quarterly/half-yearly.
As regards cost management, if done properly, return on investment is at least 10 times or more.
Focus Groups for Feedback?
Michael Goss, Student (University), Ireland
Focus Groups could be very useful in this context where the feedback given is in primary form. This type of information is of far more benefit from the point of view of research.
180 / 360 / 540
Michael Del-Colle, Manager, United States
I personally prefer 180 for mid-year reviews; 360 for the annual review - and then extend to 540 for select individuals where the 'recognition & awards processes require greater detail to support higher levels of recognition'.
As a manager I want to use the feedback process to improve / maintain / facilitate improved performance.
As a manager I should be providing constant day to day feedback but I am not looking to become a professional feedback manager.
A Different Version of 540 DGF
Jose Luis Roces, Professor, Argentina
As a 540 variant, we (as consultants) have done with great success, for evaluating intra-individual leadership competences, an appraisal by family members and friends.
It is provided on a confidential basis, and the company does not have access to the results.
360 Appraisal
catherine makumi, Consultant, Kenya
Although 360 appraisal method is effective, it is costly and time consuming, however, it's critical to get to know an employee's performance all around.
Organized and done well, it's the best tool available to help employees grow.
We need to be careful and take precautions that the leaders morals are not compromised during the 360 appraisals.
Can someone give a description of the 540 appraisal and where are they most applicable.
540 Appraisal
MEGALA, Teacher, India
Is a 360 appraisal with in addition a case analysis on the candidate by giving a situation instantaneously and asking the person to handle the situation as per the job he is involved.
540 Degree Reviews
Alejandro Gonzalez, Consultant, Chile
It seems to be a very good tool because includes not only the internal perception but customer or external vision too. I guess it is the time to stop to analyze our own belly button.
Extending Multi-rater Questionnaires to External Parties
Ed Robins, Consultant, Australia
I have used several forms of the 360 or multi-rater questionnaire, and believe that extension of the raters to external suppliers, customers or partners is appropriate where those people have sufficient exposure to the subject to give a considered rating.
Appraisals at this level of detail are more appropriate for leadership development and cultural change than for frequent performance reviews, and give invaluable information and opportunities for personal development.
540 Degree Appraisal is Costly
V. L. KHUZWAYO, Student (MBA), South Africa
I am still an MBA student, not yet a manager. In regards to the topic above I agree with the view that in general the 360 degree appraisal is still the best considering also the lower costs compared to this 540 degree appraisal.
540 Degree Appraisal for Services Sector
MANYENJE, Student (MBA), Malawi
My view is that the 540 degrees appraisal would be more ideal in the service sector, where client satisfaction can best be measured by client feedback. Although the cost would be higher, we should bear in mind that quality comes at a cost.
The unique thing about the service sector is that there is so much "intrinsic and intuition" in performance measurement. Client feedback could bring in a measure of objectivity while providing a perspective on how your service best suits client's needs.
Objective 540 Client Feedback
Michael Del-Colle, Manager, United States
In the 540 process, the client selection is critical to a balanced review and good feedback.
Relying solely on employee selected clients has a strong likelihood of giving a supervisor a biased [and presumably positive] perspective on the employee's performance.
The supervisor also needs to consider how more balance views of performance can be found from the client base supported or serviced by the employee.
If this additional input is not sought then the 540 input becomes a matter of gaming the system.
360, 540, 180 Degree Feedback Etc
Dr Ramakrishnan, Management Consultant, India
360 degree feedback can be understood as logical. But I fail to understand the logic of 90, 180, 540 etc because the total angle around a person can be only 360 degrees.
90 for self appraisal, 180 self + managers etc appears to me not logical (somebody says they are one dimensional, two dimensional, etc). Again normal logic denies it.
Similarly, 720 degree would appear to be 360 degree done twice. I think it is again not correct to call it 720 degree feedback. Management is a very much a science and hence to me it appears these nomenclature inconsistent.
I would would like some more discussion on this.
180, 360, 540 Effectiveness with Variance
Ron Goodman, Consultant, Netherlands
180 has actually been traditionally used before 360.
And 180 still makes sense if you think of for example succession evaluations or one team manager to direct reports only.
I believe less in 540 as someone else pointed out earlier in the discussion, in practice your question set will be different than with internal evaluations.
The discrepancy is too high to be very meaningful. I would suggest doing these separately. Vision Metrics makes a good case on this as they incorporate 180 mostly for succession planning.
360 180 540 Feed Back
Dr Robin C Hesler, Canada
What is the reference for degree feedback so I can study it more?
Many people are calling appraisals 360 degree yet they aren't. Some are actually 180. Many have no component to assist the person to improve on their shortcomings and then re-evaluate yet call it 360.
It always fascinates me how an original doctrine can get so convoluted, yet still be called the original terminology.
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