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Persuasion Techniques

Definition Persuasion Techniques. Description.

Persuasion Techniques are mechanisms utilized in speech, messages or communication to gain social influence.

Since the development of the Persuasion Theory, the most common Persuasion Techniques utilized by mass media, communicators, politicians, businessmen, advertisers, sales people and marketers have been analyzed and listed.

Persuasion tactics are tools utilized to persuade, convince or influence someone to think or do something in accordance to the scopes of a communicator. Most persuasion techniques are based on sequential or multiple steps that a persuader applies in the attempt to bring an interlocutor to a desired point.

Common Persuasion Methods

Some common techniques of persuasion are: Bait and Switch, Foot in the Door, Door in the Face, Framing, the Sleeper Effect, Forced Compliance, Mirroring and Matching, Low Ball, the 4 Ps of Persuasion, and the Validity Effect. Beware that in some cases persuasion can be dangerous and harmful and they should not be exploited for personal use, as in genuine interpersonal relationships, or for fraudulent purposes.

Persuasion techniques are a relevant topic of Social Sciences and of Communication, and any individual should have a basic understanding of them to prevent others using them on you. See also the Ten Commandments of Media Users.

Limitations of Persuasion Approaches. Disadvantages

The main disadvantages of all persuasion techniques is that they don’t follow the one-strategy-fits-all rule, meaning that while they can work on an individual in one situation, they might not work with an another individual and may not even work with the same individual if the circumstances vary. Moreover, due to their nature any small mistake in their implementation can lead to failure of the technique and a decrease of the level of trust between the persons involved is probable.

Before using any persuasion tool it is useful to develop a sound knowledge of the selected target. Some techniques to achieve this are: JICNARS Scale, Target Marketing, Consumption Behavior, Market Segmentation, Differentiated Marketing, Values and Lifestyles.

Persuasion Techniques Forum
  Positive Effects of Humor in Persuasion
J. Lyttle (2001) studied the effectiveness of humor in persusasion and predicts 4 ways in which humor might be effective in persuasion:
1. Positive moods: According to persuasion theory, people in a positive mood are more likely to...
  Persuasion Techniques Cases and Examples
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Persuasion Techniques Special Interest Group

Special Interest Group


Best Practices - Persuasion Techniques Premium
  People Must Persuade Themselves
In the book “The Dynamics of Persuasion”, R. M. Perloff says that it is a myth to think that persuasion includes convincing people to do things we usually do not want to do. In his view, people persuade themselves to change their attitude or their be...

Expert Tips - Persuasion Techniques Premium

Resources - Persuasion Techniques Premium

Nonverbal Persuasion and Communication: Effects and Types

Presentation that describes the concept of nonverbal persuasion, including the following sections:
1. Overview of nonverbal communication: Powerf...
Usage (application): Nonverbal Persuasion, Nonverbal Communication, Sales, Selling, PR, Applying for a Job

Persuasion Techniques, Intentional and Subliminal Persuasion by Media

This presentation is about Persuasive effects of the media and includes the following sections:
1. What is persuasion?
2. How Media Messages...
Usage (application): Persuasion Techniques, Subliminal Persuasion, Media Cultivation

40 Proven Ways to Be Persuasive

Interesting presentation that describes 50 scientifically proven ways to be persuasive.
1. Six Universal Principles of Social Influence:
- R...
Usage (application): Persuasion Techniques, Persuasion Theory

Group Influences and Opinion Leadership

Presentation about Group Influences, including various related concepts such as the Social Comparison Theory and Word-of Mouth Communication. The pres...
Usage (application): Groupthink, Group Dynamics, Word of Mouth Marketing, Sales, Opinion Leadership, Convincing People, Persuation

The Power of Persuasion: 3 Main Principles of Influencing Others

An extensive presentation about persuasion including many types and examples of persuasion experiements. The following sections are included:
1. ...
Usage (application): Persuasion Techniques, Managing Behavior, Cognitive Bias, Bounded Rationality, Resistance to Change

Introduction Into Social Judgment Theory

Presentation that gives an introduction into the Social Judgement Theory. The presentation includes the following files:
1. Introduction
Usage (application): Social Judgment Theory, Persuasion, Attitude Change

3 Levels of Communication Skills for Managing and Leadership

According to Barrett (2006) leadership communication can be referred to as the determined and purposeful delivery of messages by which leaders guide, ...
Usage (application): Leadership, Communication Skills, Leadership Communication Framework, Barett

Attitude, Motivation and Persuasion

This presentation by S.J. Grant is about attitudes, motivation and how affects persuasion. The following sections are included:
1. Defining Attit...
Usage (application): Persuasion Theory, Managing Behavior


Persuasion Techniques


Persuasion Techniques


Persuasion Techniques


Persuasion Techniques
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