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Definition Management Development. Description.

Management Development is the process of ensuring the organization has the appropriate management competencies to meet its business objectives. This includes assessing existing skills and abilities and identifying actual and potential shortfalls and problem areas.

For the participating managers, participating in a MD program has a number of benefits:

  1. It increases the value of the participating manager to the organization where he/she is currently employed and thus increases job security.

  2. It increases the career opportunities of the participating manager within the current organization.

  3. It increases the Employability of the participating manager outside the current organization.

  4. It fulfills Love and Belongingness Needs, Self-Esteem Needs and Self-actualization Needs that the participating manager derives from his work.

Some approaches and techniques to Management Development are: Mentoring, Coaching, Performance Appraisals, Self-Appraisals, Peer-Appraisals, Behavioral Observation Scales, Competency Assessments, 360-Degree Feedback, job rotation, professional development, training and education.

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  Experiential Learning and Dialogical Experiential Learning
A traditional training technique for leadership and management development that has been used a lot historically in organizations is Outdoor Management Development (OMD). As the term suggests, the technique is used outdoors (outside of the own...
  Objectives of Management Development
The main objective of management development is to improve the competency of a person in order to improve the overall performance of the organization. The "competency" is consisting of education, skills and attitude.
- Education: aquiring...
  Is your Team Green, Yellow, Red or Blue? And You?
Whether you'd like to develop yourself or your team or your entire management force, it's logical to start with an analysis of drives, values and thinking preferences. These things to a large extent determine your behavior, how y...
  Differences Between Development, Training and Education?
What precisely are the differences and similarities between training, education and development to an organization? Thanks for your ideas......

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