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Definition Macro-Environment. Description.

Macro-Environment includes the macro-economic, social, demographic, political, technological, legal, government and the competitive environmental factors that can influence an organization, but that are out of its direct control. However, firms may be able to develop Dynamic Capabilities to deal with (changing) environments.

An analysis of the macro-environment of any firm or organization can be performed with a PEST Analysis.

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  What are the Micro Factors in Marketing?
Can anyone tell what are the micro factors of marketing? How are they used in marketing?...

Macro Environment and Consumption Behavior

What is the economic effect of the macro environment on consumer behavior? Thanks for your inputs!...

Impact of Macro Variables on Financial Markets

I am writing my final thesis about the impact of macro variables on financial markets but I am not sure which model to use and how to do it. Does anyone have any advice?...

Changes in Macro Environment Zimbabwe?

As a result of direct change and trend in the macro environment in the past 5 years some companies were forced out of business whilst others prospered. Help me discuss with examples but with reference to Zimbabwe....

Strategic Management and ME

What is macro environment in relation to strategic management?...

Communication among Firms

How does macro environment influence communication among firms?...

Macro Environment Techniques

Could you please help me with the techniques used in carrying out the macro environment operation?...

Marketing Environment

What are the differences between macro and micro environment?...

macro environment and direct selling

what is the relation between the macro environment and the success of the direct marketing?...

Pharmaceutical Macro Environment

Hi I need to answer "Discuss the Macro Environment of a Pharmaceutical Company?" Please help....

Definition of Macro Environment

Could you please help me with a definition and examples of a macro environment?...
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Michael Porter on Competiveness of a Nation

Global Competition, Comparative Advantage, Competition Between Nations and Regions

Interview Porter: How to Apply the Five Forces Framework?

Applying the 5 Forces for Fundamental Industry Analysis









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